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Tulsa Staffing Agency - Tulsa Temp Agency

Looking for a great new job? Seeking for bigger opportunities? What if we were to tell you that a new job is actually waiting for you? At Barracuda Staffing Inc., our job is to find YOU a job. Some of the top companies in Oklahoma are on the look-out for some of the highest caliber workers to keep their businesses running smoothly. Our mission is to give those businesses what they desire, which is why we strive hard to connect you to some of the finest employment opportunities in the area.

From construction jobs to healthcare jobs, Barracuda Staffing is dedicated in finding the finest local workers for the finest local jobs in Tulsa. Do you feel that you are what we are looking for? Then let us tell you more of what we do best.

We always tell our clients that when they need a good catch, think Barracuda Staffing. Why? Not only are we a direct hire and permanent placement personnel agency out of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but we also specialize in giving the most qualified employees the job of their dreams. We'll take care of all your paperwork and run payroll for you. With us, you, as a professional, will be served with employment opportunities at no cost and pay rates that are within industry standards!

Barracuda Staffing gets down to business by getting you back in business. Specializing in positions out of Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City, our product is our workers and we are proud to supply our clients with the best workers for the highest paying jobs in their respective fields. With so many talented workers looking for jobs in Tulsa as well as jobs in OKC, we’re excited to get down to business by getting you back in business. Barracuda Staffing, one of the top employment agencies in the area, believes that the key to a superior product or service is a superior workforce.

Let us help you get your foot in the door to the career of your dreams. From engineering jobs to positions in manufacturing, Barracuda’s staffing services are hard at work looking for work for you. Let our employment agency professionals help get you on track to the career you’ve always dreamed of having. With new employment listings for Tulsa jobs and OKC jobs posted frequently as well as employment professionals dedicated to linking up workers with companies, Barracuda Staffing is dedicated to helping you find the job that’s right for you. Browse our job listings and consult our staffing agency specialists for staffing solutions. Let Barracuda Staffing jump-start your career!

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