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Kevin Burr

 Kevin Burr – Principal for Barracuda Staffing

Kevin has built the company on the principals of building relationships on every level. Whether it’s with his clients, the   applicants or his staff, making sure that Barracuda Staffing is connecting the right people with the right situation. “We   want to be looked at as an addition to the staff and not another outside vendor”. Kevin is a strong family man with        core values who loves spending time outdoors and competing in events like the Tough Mudder. He earned his degree  in people studies from the University of Oklahoma as he worked with the football staff doing video, Kevin continues to  push forward putting people in winning situations. Success for Kevin is helping client management find candidates that  get them to their goals and not just fill job orders. This is the culture that Kevin has built at Barracuda Staffing and  thrives on each day.





 Jarod Burr – Director of Operations

Jarod believes in the same core values as his brother Kevin in putting the right people in the right situations. “At the  end of the day I feel good about the work I’ve done helping people improve their lives and provide for their families.”  His background as a college baseball player, Jarod has always pushed to achieve great things, and now concentrates on  helping others achieve their goals. This recent newlywed enjoys living in Tulsa and taking in some good music in his off  time. Jarod is known for his passion for making sure that everyone keeps a positive outlook each day.







 Ashley Jones – Recruiter

Ashley is one of the newer recruiters to our staff but has already had a major impact. “I really enjoy how every day is  different and there is a chance to meet so many interesting people that we help to find work and support their  families” according to Jones. Ashley is always looking to put good hard working people who are committed and in it for  the long haul with her clients. Ashley enjoys spending time with her daughter, playing guitar and cooking. A fan of the  music of the 70’s and 80’s Ashley is much deeper than her youthful appearance. Her devotion to her craft is the same  she had earning a top GPA wile earning her Bachelor’s Degree. Ashley is ready to work with you to achieve your goals.





 Tiffany Garrison – Recruiter

Contributing to the Tulsa economy and helping others to make a living is what keeps Tiffany going each day. “My goal  is for our clients to find the best possible candidate and that it will be a good fit for both sides.” A passion for art and  science fiction Tiffany is always able to add a little eclectic flavor to the Barracuda Staffing office. Garrison enjoys  taking time in her hometown with family and friends when she isn’t working hard for her clients. She takes the time  and is always looking for that special opportunity to go above and beyond for her contractors and clients.