Things You Must Keep in Mind to Help You Land Some Great Jobs in Tulsa

Five Tips for Interviewing with a Temp Agency

Things You Must Keep in Mind to Help You Land Some Great Jobs in Tulsa

The temporary workforce is growing and is becoming a prime option for employers to “test drive” a potential employee before hiring and integrating him into the company’s workforce. In its annual job forecast, CareerBuilder found that 42% of employers who plan to contract temporary workers eventually integrate some of them into the system which leads to great jobs in Tulsa for temporary employees.

This knowledge is encouraging for people who want more stable Tulsa jobs. Christine Parizo reminds job seekers, however, that preparing for a job interview for a staffing agency is a bit different, and gives them tips on how to maximize their opportunities at a temp agency:

A fresh skill set with a flexible time table

Sharpening and updating his skills is an important thing to consider for a temp agency applicant, as it will boost his chances of landing a good job. He must also be flexible with his time, as these agencies might have him conduct the test right then and there.

Be prepared to stay late. Manytemp agencieswill test your computer knowledge by sending a link to your email account so that you can take their tests at home. Others may want you to take their computer tests on their computers.

Honesty is the best policy

Be honest and ask the staffing agency about openings that will cater to your specific needs. If the applicant is also using different staffing agencies, he must let the agency know to avoid mishaps.

The temp agency is going to ask you some tough interview questions, and you should definitely be ready for those. Remember that calling your last boss a bonehead probably won’t get you sent out on assignments. However, as long as you’re diplomatic, you can go into a little more detail.


Research on the different kinds of employment and determine which one will cater best to the applicant’s current situation. Understand the terms of the contract the agency will provide. Being aware of the intricacies will avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Find out what types of assignments they would send you on, and express interest in the ones that would appeal to you. Express interest even if the assignments don’t sound like your ideal job, because you never know what the assignment will actually be like.

Adhering to these pointers will help job hunters find the perfect Tulsa, OK jobs. Interested applicants can approach trusted local agencies, like Barracuda Staffing, to learn more about the temp agency application process.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Five tips for interviewing with a temp agency, The Examiner, April 20, 2010)

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