Challenges in the Staffing Industry

Every industry faces challenges on a daily basis. Companies that cannot overcome those challenges often fail. Being in the staffing industry, there are many challenges we face daily.  Let’s explore some of those challenges and how present and future candidates can help us overcome some of the challenges we face when trying to place a candidate at a client.


Understanding exactly what you want beforehand is imperative. Candidates need to be upfront with their recruiter with their expectations. Recruiters also need to fully understand  the client’s expectations before submitting to a client for an interview. Expectations from all parties involved are required to find the perfect fit.


Candidates need to be honest with what they are looking for, their work history, and the skills they have acquired. Recruiters are honest with the candidates about the job description, environment and the job requirements. Clear and honest communication is vital to success in the staffing industry.


It is very important to communicate with your recruiter. If you are placed in a position and are unhappy or having issues, communicate these to the recruiter. We can not help if we do not know what is going on. If we don’t hear from you, it’s easy for us to assume that you’re succeeding and happy where you are. Be sure to keep open lines of communication, even if it’s to tell us you’re happy where you are!


There is a greater turnover rate in the staffing industry. It may sound repetitive, but setting expectations and total honesty is the only chance for us to find you the right position that you will be happy and successful in.  If we have a candidate quit shortly after starting, we must ask ourselves where the ball was dropped. Where did we go wrong in the position placement? Did we set the right expectations? Did the candidate set the right expectations? Retention will only happen if the other three challenges are overcome, which makes it the hardest challenge we face in the staffing industry.

Written by: Brandy Aab