Steps to Expect in the Barracuda Process

Contact Us

There are many ways you can contact us. We can be reached by phone, on the web, and of course in person.


You can either come to our office to speak with a representative directly, or call our office to speak with a recruiter to receive the application via email.

Come In for an Interview

Once the application has been completed, we’ll have you come in for an interview. It is extremely important for you to bring in an updated version of your resume for the interview. The resume is the most important part of the process because it is the first-hand shake the candidate will have with our client. Any areas of concern such as significant gaps or sporadic changes in the work history must be properly addressed by your recruiter when presented to the client.

Communicate with Your Recruiter  

The Barracuda interview is primarily a meet and greet. The focus of the Barracuda interview is to equip your recruiter with valuable information they can present to the client. It is your responsibility to clarify exactly what you are looking for. Your recruiter will use this information to tailor fit the job search process to your needs.


Following the Barracuda interview, the recruiter will present the candidate’s file to a manager for internal approval. Once the candidate’s application has been approved, they will be submitted over to the client for consideration. The submission process involves the recruiter presenting the resume to their client and pairing it with a letter addressing the candidate’s goals, experience, demeanor, presentation, and credentials. There is no guarantee in receiving an interview with the client, so it is imperative that the candidate and recruiter work together to fine tune the presentation. This can take a client an hour to review or a week depending on what their schedule allows. Be patient and know your recruiter is fighting for you.

The Client Interview

There is a lot of work that goes into lining up a formal interview with our client. The recruiter acts as the middleman between the candidate and the client. As the candidate, be dependable and refrain from rescheduling if it is not justifiable. Also, be sure to adequately prepare for the interview.

Follow Up with Your Recruiter

Contact your recruiter following your interview. Fill them in on the details and give them your impression of the company. A Barracuda recruiter is not looking to make a paycheck, they are striving to make the perfect match.

Offer Accepted

Once you have confirmed with your recruiter that you’re interested, the recruiter will reach out to the client to confirm the following proceedings, and extend the formal offer if presented.

New Hire Paperwork

Once the candidate has accepted the offer, they will come in for new hire paperwork. The new hire paperwork process includes 10-15 minutes of paperwork, a background check, and drug screening.

Start Date Confirmed

Once the candidate screening process has been completed and you’re clear to start, your recruiter will reach out to the client to confirm the start date.

The Perfect Match

Congratulations! You made it! Barracuda strives to pair your passion with the right position. The candidate will not only represent themselves on the job, but will also represent their recruiter and Barracuda Staffing brand. Showing up to work on time, being a team player, and conducting oneself with integrity, and professionalism is imperative.

Refer Someone

Our client and candidate success stories are what we stand behind as an organization. Spread the word, we will not disappoint.

Written by: Josiah Freesemann