All staffing companies are the same, or are they?

There is a belief that all staffing companies operate the same. However, at Barracuda Staffing we do things a lot differently than other agencies do. We believe in finding the right candidate for the right job at the right Client. Here are just a few ways we operate to make us stand out from other agencies.

  • We focus on long term, permanent placement. We do not rush the process if not necessary in order to find the clients the right candidates, and the candidates the right position.
  • We believe in providing the best customer service to our clients and candidates. Whether it being going that extra step in answering an email after hours, helping a candidate create a resume, or visiting a client location to get an idea of the environment to better detail to a potential candidate. Customer Service is important to us.
  • While most agencies offer temporary assignments, our goal is to find our clients candidates that will last long term.
  • Our company has a culture like none other and every one of our team members truly enjoys this industry and receiving feedback from clients on candidates we have placed out there.

If there is ever a question on why to choose Barracuda Staffing when there are other agencies. We believe in going above and beyond in all that we do.  We are always more than happy to speak with you on what we can do for your company.

Written By: Brandy Aab