Is Turnover Killing Your Company?

Employee turnover is an issue that many companies face. Having employees leave and then hiring new ones may seem like a normal occurrence until you realize that it could be different. High turnover doesn’t have to be an accepted fact – no matter your industry.

Issues with Turnover

1. Time and Money Spent

Odds are you already see the initial problem with turnover. It takes time and money to replace people that decide to leave or are fired. Those who are fired were more than likely the wrong fit anyway, but those who decide to leave are the ones who hurt the most. They were more than likely qualified and strong performers in their position. It will take time to find a new qualified employee unless they’re lining up outside your door. The longer that you’re away from your position finding a new employee, the less you can do to produce. The longer the position is empty, the more money it will cost your company because someone else isn’t producing as well.

2. Retraining

Training processes may vary in depth and length, but there is always a training period in getting a new employee acclimated to your company’s processes. Former employees were already trained and proficient at what they did. Until your new employee is trained and reaches the proficiency of your former employee, you will be producing at a deficit.

3. Increasing Workloads

While the position remains open, it puts pressure on your other employees to make up for the loss. This may mean that they don’t get as many of their tasks done, they aren’t done with as much precision, or they’re getting overworked. The cost of increasing the workload on your current employees isn’t always thought of, but it can become a huge issue if you have more employees leaving because they’ve been overworked.

What would you say if I told you that I had a solution for your turnover problems?

How Barracuda Reduces Turnover

Barracuda Staffing works with you to find the perfect fit through our Four Dimensional Matching process. We take the time to consider your immediate and long term needs as well as the candidate’s. Matching the two will allow us to not only make an immediate fit, but a permanent fit as well. You can trust us to be looking out for your best interest by making a permanent placement. We can also help with turnover from firing employees because we do our due diligence to not place people who would wind up getting fired. Interested in hearing more about what Barracuda Staffing can do for your turnover issues? Give us a call or set up a meeting with our Sales Director Brian Hobbs here.

Written By: Sarah Poore