Get Your Resume in Front of Employers with These 5 Tips

Having a hiring manager look at your resume is one of the first steps in finding a job. With increasing competition, it’s important that your resume stands out and shows why the manager should call you to set up an interview. Implement these five tips to increase the odds of getting your resume in front of employers.

Include Keywords

Scatter throughout your resume keywords from the job posting. Include them in your current and target job titles, location, summary, experience, and professional licensing held. For instance, if the job posting says “searching for an experienced professional to manage a sales pipeline,” and you have experience in this area, including on your resume, “manage a sales pipeline.” Use specific keywords such as “head of market research” or “digital media recruiter” to clarify your skill level and experience.

Send Your Resume to the Hiring Manager

Instead of applying for a position through a career website, send your resume directly to the hiring manager. Visit or LinkedIn to find contact information for a specific company. If you find the manager on LinkedIn, drop them a note regarding your resume and ask them to connect. Include in your note your name, occupation, professional background, and interest in working for the company. State the role you’re applying for, why you’re qualified and how you wanted to introduce yourself.

Tailor Your Cover Letter

Include a tailored cover letter with each resume. Research, the company. Explain how your knowledge, skills and experience blend with the work they do. Point out how you’re different from other candidates and why you’re most qualified for the position. If you’re relocating, changing careers, have a medical issue/disability, or another special circumstance, address it. Explain what that may mean for your employer and how you can work around the issue. Tie your cover letter with your resume. Ask the hiring manager to call you for an interview at their earliest convenience.

Exclude Overused Words

Rather than using common words such as “highly qualified” or “results-focused,” get to the point about what makes you highly qualified or results-focused. Provide action-oriented words and quantifiable results of what you’ve achieved for previous employers and what your next one can expect. For instance, “I developed a streamlined delivery process that reduced revenue slip by 25%.”

Humble Brag

Share your top accomplishments and how you use your skills and experience to add value to a company. Describe each role and responsibility along with top contributions. Include the number of people you managed, territories you covered, size of the budget you oversaw, number of clients supported, or other attributes. Mention awards earned, promotions received anything that demonstrates your quality work and passion for the industry. Include what you did to attain those results.

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