10 Business Benefits of Working with an Oklahoma Staffing Company

Between advertising, HR staff salaries, and related collateral, businesses spend an estimated $124 billion on talent acquisition every year, often with less than thrilling results. Here are 10 reasons why working with an Oklahoma staffing company is a much better play for both your business and your bottom line.

1. You’re Partnering with Experts

Even if your company has the budget to hire an in-house human resources manager, that’s just one tiny part of your workforce taking responsibility for the staffing of your growing empire. Staffing agencies only dealing with staffing – it’s what they do all day long, 52 weeks a year, and that familiarity makes a marked difference.

2. More Confidence in Your Staff

You can spend all day interviewing and still not feel strongly about your candidate’s overall abilities or you can let a top-tier staffing agency use their tried-and-true employee placement assessments to evaluate potential hires on a number of highly relevant criteria.

3. You Can Instantly Fill a Variety of Positions

Rather than slogging through applications for individual positions as openings crop up, you can go straight to your staffing agency’s pool of pre-vetted workers to fill anything from an entry-level clerical job to a highly skilled position in manufacturing.

4. The Busy Season is Now Stress Free

All most every industry has a busy season. Whereas previously you’d have to pay your existing staff an enormous amount of overtime while flirting with company-wide burnout, a staffing company can help you augment your numbers quickly so you can tackle short-term projects efficiently and effectively.

5. You Could Save on Employment-Related Costs

Hiring new employees is expensive. There’s the cost of the staff you use to interview and screen applicants and fees related to pre-employment testing, drug screening, and background checks, and that’s all before you actually offer anyone a job. Staffing agencies absorb those costs plus they’re often responsible for payroll and benefits, leading to savings the U.S. Department of Labor estimates at around 8.2%.

6. You Can Offer Your Current Employees More Flexibility

When a worker needs a vacation, requests maternity leave, or wants to spend spring break with their kids, knowing you can call on a staffing agency to help pick up the slack makes saying yes a whole lot easier.

7. You Can More Readily Take on Specialty Jobs

Almost every business owner has experienced the pain and frustration of turning down a client request due to a general lack of manpower or because they simply don’t have a certain specialist on staff. Partner with a staffing agency and you’ll have a team of specialists at the ready. Whatever your client needs, be it a dozen extra bodies or someone with extensive experience with a particular industry niche, you can source with the assistance of your team of staffing experts.

8. Retention Rates May Soar

Experts say that the cost of employee turnover is, on average, equal to about 20% of that position’s salary. Rather than hiring blind or based off a simple resume, staffing agencies specialize in assessing employee performance, work history, qualifications, and suitability. The result is faster training periods, longer-term contracts, happier employees, and fewer bumps in the road in terms of revenue and productivity.

9. Staffing Agencies Aren’t Just for Temporary Hires

Yes, staffing services do help companies find workers for short-term projects, but just as often those agencies are helping businesses find employees that will be with them for months if not years. Contract positions can be short or long, part-time or full-time, and entry level or supervisory in nature, and for companies with large, varied workforces, having access to diverse hires is both empowering and reassuring.

10. You Can Finally Focus on What You Do Best

Few people start a business in hopes that they’ll spend their days managing HR concerns and retraining waves of new employees. It’s exhausting, it’s disheartening, and spending all that time on staffing issues mean you’re diverting your energy from other areas of your business that require your attention. Hire a staffing company and let them do what they do best so you can start doing the same.

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