Key Elements to Consider When Selecting a Staffing Agency

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. companies hired more than 62.7 million people in 2016. That’s a lot of resources being poured into filling job vacancies, and the burden of constant interviewing and vetting applicants can take a toll. To get around the problem, many businesses turn to local staffing agencies. But, how do you know which team offers the right fit?

Here are some key elements and questions to consider asking when you embark on your search.

What Kind of Industries Does the Agency Service?

Many staffing agencies specialize in only a few related industries. While this may be ideal if your own hiring needs will be restricted to only a specific niche—such as clerical hiring or call center staffing— larger businesses with several departments may eventually require varied employee placement assistance.

What is Their Approach to Recruitment and Interviewing?

One of the reasons that the hiring process is so time-consuming is that employers are meticulous about scrutinizing the people they’re considering bringing on board. Contracting with a staffing agency should allow you to refocus your energy on other tasks, but only if you’re confident in the organization’s approach to their talent search.

It’s perfectly fine to ask your recruiters questions, such as:

  • What kind of testing do they ask applicants to complete?
  • Do they offer any skills training?
  • On average, how long do employees stay with the agency or stay on contract? (The answer to this question may be a tell-tale sign of the company’s relationship with their employees, as well as how effective they are at screening job seekers.)
  • How big is their talent pool?
  • How long is the typical turnaround between a staffing request and employee placement?

Can the Agency Accommodate Your Growing Company?

It can be tempting to partner with a small, locally focused agency, but that can cause problems as your business expands. As you add more projects and require more staffing assistance you’ll need to draw from a larger pool, and not all agencies will advance at the same rate that you do. Consider it a major plus if the agency you ultimately select is eager to help your business blossom, especially if they can help you with placements in other states when the time comes. (Hint: Our team at Barracuda Staffing can help you find talented applicants nationwide!)

What Do They Offer in Terms of Benefit Coverage and Payroll Oversight?

If your staffing agency covers things like workers’ compensation or health insurance and manages payroll concerns, you can end up saving a huge chunk of money. In December 2016, employers in the U.S. paid out an average of $11.03 per hour per employee in benefits. That can add up quickly and having an agency absorb those costs may increase your ROI exponentially.

Are you facing a staffing shortage or turning down big proposals because you simply don’t have the manpower? At Barracuda Staffing, we pride ourselves in helping our clients keep their businesses running smoothly by developing great employees and placing them in the perfect situation. To learn more about how Barracuda can solve your staffing needs, contact us today.