A Personalized Approach for Precise Results

Tulsa businesses need high-performance talent to succeed, and finding that talent isn’t always easy. When you need accurate, efficient and cost-effective staffing and recruiting solutions, you can rely on Barracuda Staffing.

Our services are designed to save time, improve outcomes and drive bottom-line results. Our approach is based on relationships – we learn everything we can about your business to make effective recommendations, tailored for your unique business needs.

We deliver more than just temporary and executive search services in Tulsa. Through our temporary-to-hire solutions option, you can significantly reduce hiring risk for roles that are hard to fill – and hard to retain. We also provide direct hire solutions when you need a key player right away.

Don’t want to track time sheets, cut checks, or figure out taxes and health insurance deductions? Let us take on the burden for you, so you can stay focused on what matters.

As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If you have a great process for finding talent, but no time to manage screening – then you may not need full employment services in Tulsa. That’s why we offer screening-only services to help you enhance your process.

The Cuda Way

The Barracuda Staffing process is designed to be thorough and accurate – yet cost-effective and efficient. We keep you focused on your strategic goals by delivering the right candidates at the right time.

1. Gather Information:

- Provide us with a job description and job site information
- Complete the service agreement and application

2. Review Resumes:

- Review hand-selected resumes of candidates who have completed our intensive interview process
- Each resume comes with a profile and an explanation of why the candidate is a strong fit

3. Interview:

- Interview the candidate(s) of your choosing

4. Offer:

- When you are ready to make an offer, Barracuda Staffing will present it to the candidate
- Upon acceptance, we take care of the background screening, drug test (if applicable), and any other verifications you require
- We take care of the paperwork and the payroll, as well

Four-Dimensional Matching

Our four-dimensional matching methodology is the hallmark of our client experience. Your Barracuda Staffing team deploys this process for every role, ensuring a well-aligned match of long-term satisfaction for both you and your new hire.

Four Dimensional Matching Logo

Client’s Immediate Needs:

Every business has an immediate need to fill and an immediate challenge to overcome. We first work to understand your short-term needs – and we do not stop there.

Candidate’s Immediate Needs:

We quickly match candidates to open positions based on our thorough intake process. We quickly find candidates with the right skills for the role and goals that align with the position and organization. And we still don’t stop there.

Client’s Long-Term Goals:

Once we’ve looked at immediate needs and solutions, we peel back the layers on your long-term needs and goals. We determine which of the candidates on our shortlist are positioned to thrive and add value to your team over the long-term.

Candidate’s Long-Term Goals:

For a candidate to be successful, his or her long-term goals must align with the opportunity. Our goal is to make lasting placements that help your business improve retention and help our candidates achieve success.

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