8 Ways to Network Using Social Media

1. Let people know you’re looking Include in your Linkedin Headline and switch on the “let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities” setting. The headline is visible to anyone who runs across your profile and makes you more visible to recruiters for potential job opportunities. Example: ‘Medical Assistant seeking a rewarding opportunity’’. 2. Don’t be… Read More »

Learning to Lead Before You’re Management

It can be difficult to watch your fellow coworkers receive promotions and be given supervising or management roles while you haven’t changed positions. If you feel like you’re a good candidate for the next leadership role, maybe you just need some help showing that to the bosses. Be as Helpful as Possible There are three… Read More »

Great Leaders Make Great Employees

To retain great employees, it is imperative to first be a great leader I can confidently say Barracuda Staffing is built from great leaders. Within our organization, this becomes a trickle-down effect. All our employees are challenged daily to develop and sharpen their leadership skills by voicing their opinions and being a part of the… Read More »

It’s not just about the position, it’s about the potential

Many candidates come through our doors discouraged and seeking a sense of direction regarding their career. Every candidate has a story that leads them to Barracuda. Barracuda Experience Many of them have never worked with a staffing agency before, which leads to the common questions: “where do I go from here? If this position I… Read More »

Three Reasons You Should Use Barracuda For Your Hiring Needs

What are some of the top reasons companies employ Barracuda Staffing to find long term talent for their open positions? 1. Barracuda Staffing has Core Values that we uphold We aggressively pursue the perfect fit for all We are highly adaptive to market changes We never stop looking for new opportunities We pledge to be… Read More »

Making Your Resume Speak Volumes

When crafting a resume many people take the approach of this being a necessary evil, but in reality, it does not have to be such a daunting task. In a world moving quickly to automation, resume filtering is becoming among the most common practices used by employers. There are some quick tips that can help… Read More »

Do You Want to be WOWed?

When people walk into any business, they should leave WOWed. One thing about Barracuda is we focus on making every person’s first and last impression memorable. The way, our focus on our core values really shines through in everything that we do. When people leave they know that we truly care about helping them find… Read More »

3 Tips for Improving Your Attention to Detail

Managing the details is something I am passionate about, the more attention we pay, the less room there is for error. It is important to me, as administrative assistant, because it can affect so many others in a variety of ways. If I lack the attention to the details of day to day processes, it… Read More »