Customized Human Resource Solutions for Any Size Business

Our HR professionals provide the most comprehensive source of tools, training, and resources to bring out the potential in your people. ChartHCM is our proprietary playbook for workplace strategy, leadership and employee development, compliance, and accountability practices..

Protecting Your Business

Barracuda works with you to safeguard your business! Having robust HR practices in place can prevent costly mistakes, promote employee well-being, and maintain legal compliance, thus protecting your overall success and reputation.


  • Handbook Creation/Updating: Your company’s first line of defense is its company handbook. To prevent openings for lawsuits and fines, it is critical that your handbook is complete and up to date.
  • Policy Creation: We help you write clear, enforceable policies that reflect your company’s culture.
  • Establishing Procedures: Having written procedures allows you to effectively manage your business.
  • Employee Record Compliance: Misfiling of employee records can lead to large government fines. We will help you get your documents in the right place to make sure you are covered.
  • EEO Compliance and Training: It is important to make sure that your business is EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) compliant. The best way to do that is to train your team on what that means.
  • ADA Compliance and Training: We help you fully understand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and help you remain compliant to the law.
  • DE&I Training: We offer in-person diversity, equity, and inclusion training for your team.
  • FMLA Guidance: We help you put together a plan that is legally compliant and that makes sense for your business.
  • Job Descriptions: Not sure who is responsible for what? Having well written job descriptions will provide clarity on responsibilities.
  • Employee Investigations: When a workplace issue occurs, a full investigation may be warranted. Barracuda can help make this process simple by interviewing all those involved and providing expert advice on the findings.
  • Hiring Strategy: If turnover is a problem for your business, or you have trouble finding the right candidates, we can help. For years our team has specialized in helping companies find the right talent. We can teach you how to effectively find and keep great new employees.
  • Performance Management: We provide comprehensive guidance and training on proper performance management practices for enhanced employee development and organizational success.
  • Unemployment Management: Barracuda offers comprehensive unemployment management services, assisting companies in navigating complex regulations, minimizing financial risks, and optimizing unemployment claims processes to ensure efficient and compliant workforce management.
  • Worker’s Compensation Guidance: We assist organizations in navigating the intricacies of claims, safety protocols, and compliance measures to ensure a safe work environment and mitigate financial and legal risks.
  • Drug Testing Administration & Analysis: Our HR experts assist in random drug testing administration, helping organizations maintain a safe and drug-free workplace while ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • HR Compliance Audits: Barracuda conducts meticulous HR compliance audits, ensuring companies adhere to regulatory standards, mitigate legal risks, and cultivate a compliant and ethical work environment.
  • Compensation Analysis: We can help in conducting comprehensive compensation analyses, assisting organizations in evaluating market trends, benchmarking salaries, and designing competitive compensation packages to attract, retain, and motivate top talent.

Ready to improve HR processes and protect your growing business?