Our Approach

We are a full-service staffing and consulting company that specializes in long-term staffing placements, OnDemand HR services, business strategies, and workforce solutions.

Barracuda Staffing & Consulting equips growth-focused companies with Human Capital Management strategies and solutions that result in thriving company cultures. This creates the infrastructure for total organizational alignment, a key advantage to compete in crowded business landscapes, and positions organizations to achieve greater growth and long-term success.

Human Capital Management is the art and science of optimizing the potential of employees through effective talent management, training and development, and employee engagement strategies to build a workforce that is committed, productive, and aligned with the goals and values of the business.


Our Why

People are the greatest asset to power your growth potential.

Healthy workforces and workplaces create the cultural foundations for growth, longevity, and supercharged success.

We’re turning the tide on old paradigms and moving businesses from acceptable standards to exceptional practices. When employees and leaders share mutual respect, responsibility, and embrace a clear vision, the outcome is an outstanding culture that supports the organization’s unique goals and success.


Our Story

Kevin Burr founded Barracuda Staffing in 2009 amid one of the biggest economic crises of our time. Despite the challenging circumstances, he saw an opportunity to make a positive impact on the Tulsa community by establishing a staffing agency that went beyond the norm. Kevin’s vision was to create a higher quality service, focusing on a meticulous and thoughtful placement process. This approach resulted in lower turnover rates for clients and increased job satisfaction for contractors.

The success of Barracuda Staffing laid the foundation for growth and inspired the team to further address the needs of businesses. Recognizing the importance of robust HR practices, Barracuda Consulting was created in 2018 to bolster teams and safeguard clients’ success. Leveraging the team’s experience and resources, Barracuda aimed to provide companies with the necessary tools to avoid HR mistakes and nurture their most valuable asset—their people.

The driving force behind our philosophy is the belief that healthy workforces and workplaces are fundamental pillars for achieving sustained growth and unprecedented success. Recognizing that people are the key to unlocking growth potential, we empower businesses to embrace a new era of exceptional practices, transforming workplaces into thriving hubs of productivity and positivity.

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Our Biggest Asset

How did Barracuda not only survive The Great Recession as a new firm, but also thrive and grow into the organization it is today? One simple reason: our people. Every member of our team is passionately committed to the success of our candidates and clients, and they live and breathe our core values every day. By continually pushing each other to raise the bar, seek out creative solutions and never give up, we consistently improve our service delivery model.

Our Values

Be Bold

Take risks with courage and confidence

Be Driven

Relentless pursuit of growth

Have a Servant’s Heart

Selflessly serving without hesitation

Be a Brand Ambassador

Passionately protecting our
culture and values

Our Promise

Healthier Workforces, Stronger Leaders, and Better Workplaces.

We’ll partner with you to protect your organization, strengthen your infrastructure, and nurture your culture for greater growth.


Local Roots, Local Commitment

We strive to give back to the Tulsa community that has been so supportive of our own growth over the years. We believe that finding people meaningful jobs and helping businesses succeed strengthens our community. And we don’t stop there. We are actively involved in local organizations that make Tulsa a great place to live, work and play.

You’ll see us at the Tulsa Christmas Parade working to put smiles on children’s faces. We support our military because without them, we have nothing. We work with trade schools, kids in “street school,” teachers and educational institutions. We raise money, provide resources and donate our time to worthy causes across Tulsa and Oklahoma.

We do all of this because it is greater to give than to receive.

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Goals?

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