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At Barracuda Staffing & Consulting, our commitment to excellence is best reflected in the stories of those we’ve had the privilege to serve and underscore our impact on organizational efficiency, culture, and long-term success. You’ll find a tapestry of real experiences that weave a narrative of trust, partnership, and transformative impact.

Our testimonials page is a treasure trove of authentic voices sharing their journey with Barracuda. These aren’t just words; they’re glimpses into the lives and organizations that have been positively shaped by our dedicated team. These are unfiltered narratives of individuals who have experienced firsthand the power of Barracuda’s personalized approach, strategic insights, and unwavering commitment. Their words reflect the value we place on building lasting relationships, understanding unique needs, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Every testimonial is a testament to our dedication to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. They speak to the trust that our clients and candidates have placed in us, and they inspire us to continue raising the bar of excellence in everything we do.

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding work of Kevin Burr and his incredible team at Barracuda.  Their unwavering commitment to excellence, exceptional expertise, and strategic guidance have propelled our company to new heights, exceeding all expectations.   His expertise has resulted in transformative changes across various facets of our business helping to… Read More »

Travis H.

1. Our primary goals were two-fold: first, to address a staffing deficit that was causing strain on our operations, and second, to develop and cultivate a robust and unique company culture for our legacy company. We were experiencing difficulty recruiting and retaining top-tier talent, which was paramount to our success. We needed a team with… Read More »

Paul R.

Our organization has always prided itself on seeking partnerships with local firms that truly act in our best interest in providing candidates who are skilled enough to thrive in our workforce, while also possessing the level of professionalism and culture match we require. All three components I might add are very hard to come by… Read More »

Ryan M.

Barracuda Staffing & Consulting is an outstanding agency to work with. I am completely satisfied with my experience and will continue to use their services in the future. Barracuda has consistently sent dependable and hardworking candidates. I have had great success with retention of those sent to me by Barracuda. They are well versed in… Read More »

Shala M.

Barracuda Staffing & Consulting is our first choice for staffing services. We’ve been working with them since their inception, and they are a reliable source for our staffing needs. Barracuda is a company we can trust. We utilize their services for unfilled shifts, vacancies and skilled labor. Barracuda’s associates are responsive to our needs, and… Read More »

Chris S.

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Achieving your organization’s goals becomes a streamlined journey when partnering with Barracuda Staffing & Consulting. With our extensive expertise in workforce solutions, we bring a wealth of strategic insights and tailored approaches to the table. We understand that each organization’s path to success is unique, and we collaborate closely with you to align resources, optimize processes, and identify the right talent. From talent acquisition that aligns with your culture to organizational development strategies that foster innovation, Barracuda is your dedicated partner in transforming goals into tangible achievements. With us by your side, navigating challenges and seizing opportunities becomes an orchestrated effort that propels your organization toward growth and excellence.

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