8 Helpful Tips on How to Get and Keep the Job

8 Helpful Tips on How to Get and Keep the Job

Knowing what skills you need to develop to make yourself a valuable resource to employers, such as being reliable and responsible, will help you succeed in the work world. Here are a few other tips to help you in your work life.


  1. Be Able to Identify Your Marketable Skills | Take the time to reflect on what value you can bring to an employer. Along with education, training and certifications, be sure to identify important character traits like leadership, managing time well and being honest and dependable.
  2. Determine Career Goals | Many of us may have multiple careers in our lives but we should always engage in work with a goal that goes beyond just a paycheck. Do I have the skills necessary to get ahead in the work that I am currently doing? Where can I achieve the experience necessary to get me to the next level? Do I engage in every job to the best of my ability?
  3. Dress Appropriately | Always present the best version of yourself whether you are working in an office environment or an industrial yard – be neat and well-groomed, be dressed appropriately for the work you will be doing.
  4. Be Prudent with Your Cell Phone | If you are interviewing, the phone should be off and put away. Your full attention should be with the job at hand – getting the job! As a worker, you need to be prudent with your use of your phone. Check with your employer for specific policies but in general personal phone use should only be done on your time and on your dime.
  5. Arrive Early | Part of being an effective and valuable employee involves being on time and dependable. Make a habit of getting to appointments early and this will serve as a benefit to you for the rest of your work life.
  6. Properly Engage Your Employer and Coworkers | Develop the habit of shaking hands and making direct eye contact with those around you. Acknowledging those around you is respectful and demands respect in return.
  7. Show Interest and Enthusiasm | Whether you are interviewing, working on a project, sitting in a meeting or attending a presentation always show interest and enthusiasm. Everyone has moments during their day that may not be the most pleasant. Choose to be happy and smile. You and your coworkers will be thankful.
  8. Manage On the Job Stress Like a Pro Here are some really great tips| No matter how great a job is, there is always some stress that needs to be managed. on how to manage daily work stress and get back to being productive.

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