Great Leaders Make Great Employees

Great Leaders Make Great Employees

To retain great employees, it is imperative to first be a great leader

I can confidently say Barracuda Staffing is built from great leaders. Within our organization, this becomes a trickle-down effect. All our employees are challenged daily to develop and sharpen their leadership skills by voicing their opinions and being a part of the bigger picture. Our Leadership Team is not made up of managers who sit behind desks just waiting for something to happen. Each member of the Leadership Team plays a vital part of our organization and has their own daily duties and responsibilities. What’s more important, the team is diverse across the different departments of our company. We strongly feel a member of the sales team, for example, could have amazing insight that could be applied to our recruiting team. The point being: we rarely ever get that mental block for new ideas, processes, or procedures since we have such a diverse Leadership Team consisting of our CEO, sales team, director of operations, recruiting manager, and more.

As a recruiter that is not a member of the Leadership Team, I know that it is important that our voices are being heard. What’s more, we are always being approached to discuss new ideas or what processes could be improved to our ever-changing organization. Our opinions are valued and taken into consideration. Our team leads by example from the top down sending a clear message and strengthening our core values. suggests that while there is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership, there are a few key qualities that tend to keep employees around longer and create a more enjoyable workplace. Here are a few of the qualities that jumped out at me:

Welcoming Failure

I personally feel like welcoming failure is very large part of growing in the organization. Some of the largest companies in the world have prime examples of times they’ve tried, failed, and got up to try again. Everyone makes mistakes whether it’s a new recruiter right out of college or someone who’s been with our company since we were founded in 2009. At Barracuda Staffing, we are encouraged to brush it off and learn from it.

Honoring Your Commitments

This statement spoke volumes to me while reading it. says to keep the promises you make to your employees. We are constantly offered new skills training, one-on-one time, growth opportunities in the community, seminars, and more. This allows us to never stop learning and provides support for us to continue to grow as leaders.  

I can confidently say our organization is taking the correct steps to provide great leadership and in turn continue to grow our employees from a professional and personal standpoint. Being a part of a team, feeling valued, and given growth opportunities are just some of the reasons Barracuda Staffing is so amazing.


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