8 Ways to Network Using Social Media

8 Ways to Network Using Social Media

Unlock the power how to network using social media. Learn how to expand your connections and boost your professional presence online

1. Let people know you’re looking

Include in your Linkedin Headline and switch on the “let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities” setting. The headline is visible to anyone who runs across your profile and makes you more visible to recruiters for potential job opportunities. Example: ‘Medical Assistant seeking a rewarding opportunity’’.

2. Don’t be afraid to network on Facebook

Leverage your contacts and let them know that you are searching for an opportunity. After all it is called Social “Networking.”

3. Find information about hiring managers

Managers are “Googling” you so you need to be doing the same. Get on Linkedin/Facebook/Google and find out about the person you’re interviewing with. Find things you have in common and can discuss to create a personal connection and stand out among other candidates.

4. Make your Facebook profile private

Check your privacy settings. Make sure that only the people you want to see your “Likes” “Status” and other activity are able to see.

5. Hyperlink your resume

Have your resume available at all times, even online. Social networking and other websites allow you to hyperlink your resume so that employers may download a copy to view/print.

6. Create connections you need to get the job

When adding connections and gaining new “friends” on social networks make sure to add connections that are beneficial. Think about the places you want to work and add people in position of hiring to your friends list.

7. Get Google on your side

Google your name and see what comes up. If you don’t come up right away, create a Linkedin Profile and make a presence on Google—you want the employer to be able to find you! Be conscious of what you post online because it can always come up in a Google search. 

8. Check out your area’s Facebook page

Most areas have an individual group page that you can go become a part of. You can often find jobs, connections, and helpful tips. Make sure to also check for other groups such as industry specific or alumni groups that are relevant to you.

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