The Importance of Professionalism


The Importance of Professionalism

Professionalism is extremely important in all areas of the workplace; however, it is especially important when applying for a job and moving through the process of getting hired. As a recruiter I have many examples of times that a candidate presented well and was highly professional in our interview, but once the follow up calls and interviews with our client started, their professionalism rapidly declined. You want to maintain professionalism in all areas of the workplace. However, after you receive the job and get to know your team you may start to build good rapport, have a friendly banter, and let your guard down just a bit. Letting your guard down and being yourself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just remember that employees who behave professionally are often perceived to be more competent and valuable to the company, which leads these workers to receive pay raises and promotions.

I wanted to focus on an individual’s professionalism while using an agency to obtain a job. First and foremost, your recruiter is here to help you! We understand searching for a job can be tiring and frustrating. It’s important to stay professional during the entire hiring process with a recruiter whether it be over the phone or in person. In addition, while in an interview with a potential company, you’re not only representing yourself but you’re also representing the agency that sent you there. Your behaviour, good or bad, always reflects on more than just yourself.

On Social Media

These days social media can either make or break you. While you may be doing a good job representing yourself in person, companies DO look on your social media. Agencies post all over the job boards on Facebook and if you’re on there causing a scene or posting inappropriate things, this can be easily seen all over the community. Maintaining a certain level of professionalism on your personal Facebook page goes a long way. As a rule of thumb, it’s best not to post about controversial topics, using excessive foul language, or about any illegal activities.

I was recently helping a candidate find a position and ran across their Facebook page and found that that they were using their profile to sell illegal substances. At this point we are not able represent this candidate because we didn’t feel comfortable sending them out to our clients and allowing them to represent our image.

In the Job Search

  • Dress to impress – while it is important to consider the environment of the position  you’re interviewing for, it’s still imperative that you are representing yourself in the right way. Clothing is often the first thing interviewers notice.
  • Write things down – be prepared to ask a few questions or have some key talking points relating to your experience
  • Watch what you say – it’s never a good idea to speak poorly of your previous job or to use obscene language during the interview or hiring process
  • Be punctual – timing is everything. If you’re constantly showing up late to interviews or rescheduling, this is generally a key indicator to employers of what’s to come if you were hired.
  • Be polite – By being polite, receptive and respectful, you can make a good impression that will last.  
  • Take initiative – if an agency, recruiter, or hiring manager ask you to update a resume or fill out some paperwork, it is best to do so in a timely manner to show respect and interest in the position.

Always remember, professionalism is noticed! Should you be seeking anymore advice regarding this topic, or if you’re currently seeking employment, apply today!