3 Time Management Tips

3 Time Management Tips

Elevate your efficiency and reclaim your time with these practical time management tips. Unlock your full potential today!

Time management can be quite tricky, and it can prevent some of us from getting things done or even getting started. Here are three tips that I have found extremely useful in getting myself going and completing everything without wishing that there were eight days a week.


The first and most important tip I have is to schedule your days. I have a planner that goes down to fifteen minute intervals, but you could always start with just an hourly plan. In fact, I recommend starting with larger intervals because not only can it be daunting to schedule that much, but it can also be disappointing if your schedule doesn’t go to plan. The number one thing to remember with scheduling is that it is only a template for your day. If you’re anything like me, you don’t like it when things don’t go as scheduled. Remember you can reschedule things and prioritize what definitely needs to be done each day. Just make sure that you take the time at the end of each day to figure out what didn’t get done so you can reschedule it for another time. Also, some things may take longer or shorter than what you’ve scheduled, so use that time wisely!


Breaks are one of the most important time management tricks. Working all day without stopping will only make you hate each day. Take five minutes every now and then to do something that re-energizes you for the tasks ahead. Whether it be jumping jacks, blasting a song that you love, talking to someone else, or even just sitting in silence, take the time to yourself to make sure you make it through your day. Try to spread out your breaks so that you don’t take them all at once. Breaks will be your salvation when the task you’re doing gets old or when you hit a wall and can’t possibly continue working.


Checklists are my favorite, and as my favorite I have about 3 checklists going on at any given time that include things I need to get done at work, things I need to get done at home, and things I need to do for myself. Sometimes they’re mental checklists, but often I make sure to write them down when it’s more important that I don’t forget. Checklists give you a visual representation of tasks completed and tasks to complete, and that can help you be more productive and ambitious to get your list all checked off.

Utilizing these three tips together to improve your time management skills will save you valuable time and help you to feel more productive on a daily basis. Schedules, breaks, and checklists are my favorite three, but you can modify these to suit your needs. And now, finally I can check another thing off of my checklist for the day: writing this!

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