Dealing with Unqualified Candidates

I have to imagine that one of the most frustrating parts of searching for new employees is the beginning stages. You get bombarded with resumes on resumes, having to sift through hundreds of them just to find the ones that actually qualify. Handling phone screens with people who had applied for a shop help job thinking it was helping out in a clothing shop. Realizing that you just called someone with no experience in CNC when the job description states a minimum of 2 years required. All these headache-inducing requirements of finding a new employee, are the ones we are happy to take on for you.

You Don’t Have to Deal With It

Let’s face it, you, as the client, have way too many other things to focus on than resumes. Our method is to post the position you’re hiring for, and then we screen them to see if they are going to be the fit you’re looking for or not. We do this by starting with a phone screen, and then based off that, invite them in for an interview with us. This is where we get to be more specific in our questions, making sure we are going based off the job description and requirements you have set.

We Will!

Of course, this means we get to deal with the unqualified candidates for you as well. We recognize what would make someone a good fit for your company, and then apply those factors to our candidates. The goal is that by the time you are interviewing a candidate we send you, they should check all the boxes on your list, and your interview with them is more of a formality.

We Handle It All

If you do have time to take on the hiring process yourself, and you aren’t seeing any perks with delegating for that reason, keep in mind we handle the rejections for you as well. I haven’t met anyone who enjoys telling someone that they didn’t get the interview, or they didn’t get the job. If that is the case for you, then here is another perk with going through Barracuda. If it turns out that the candidate we have sent to you for an interview is not exactly what you were looking for, we will deliver that news to them on your behalf!

Ultimately, we want to make the hiring process for you as easy and as seamless as possible. However we can do that, we will. We focus on staffing your company, so you can focus on the success of it.

Written By: Madison Wilson