Performance Reviews – What is your business’s style?

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews – What is your business’s style?

What style of performance review should a business perform and when is a good time? When a business has multiple employees and they all have different hire dates, how well do you manage multiple reviews? Should you schedule them all within the same time frame, their anniversary hire date or would semi-annual or quarterly reviews work? Some examples of performance reviews are 360-degree feedback, employee feedback, and management feedback.

Performance reviews are designed to both evaluate general performance and measure progress around specific goals. Reviews should contain both negative and positive aspects of an employee, as they should serve as the reference point to both look back in evaluation and ahead in anticipation. Reviews allows a business and its employees to set mutual goals; where both parties can function as equals. For an employee a review is an intricate part of the career development, where is benefits growth and change. Performance appraisals provide a formal, recorded, regular review of an individual’s performance, and a plan for future development.

Determining which style of review, time of review, preparing the paperwork and performing the review can be a daunting task and time consuming. One important thing to think about is to remember the guidelines of all the federal and state labor laws and regulations. Performance reviews are an intricate part for any business that wants to grow and succeed and prevent turnover. Designing and performing the right review will result in staff motivation, attitude and behavior development, communicating and aligning the employee and business goals, and creating positive relationships between management and staff.

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