How Are Personality Tests Used in the Workplace?

Harness the power of personality tests in the workplace. Discover how assessments can optimize teamwork, communication, and employee dynamics.

Ever wish you had a magic wand that would make people work well together? Or that you could be sure each member of a team would contribute constructively, and the team would be productive and harmonious? Or that there was a tool that could improve hiring decisions, increase retention, and cut down on turnover?

Every manager knows there is no such magic wand. However, there are tools that can help do all these things. Personality tests like Personality scans from PDP can unlock an employee’s potential. You can find out what makes employees tick – by understanding their Traits, Interests, Communication Styles, and Key Action Tips.

To Make Hiring Decisions

Hiring the right person can make or break a department or a company. How do you make sure you have the right person? You unlock their true talents by asking them a series of questions about themselves and how others perceive them.

Many issues in the workplace can be solved if people work well together. To do that, it helps if their traits, interests, communication styles, and more are compatible. PDP personality scans can hone in on these components of successful interaction much more successfully than relying on past manager’s feedback, competitor’s cultures, or your own one-time interview.

You can combine your own hiring process with PDP personality scans to make sure you are hiring an employee who fits your existing culture and future colleagues.

To Increase Retention

Once people and teams get along, group dynamics should be positive. The motivators, stressors, satisfaction, communication style, logic, strengths, and more of employees will be similar or compatible.

As a result, people are likely to feel job satisfaction, engaged with their work, and comfortable with their team. Employee turnover is reduced, and retention is increased.

To Build on Group Dynamics

PDP can also be used to increase the productivity and success of teams by harnessing the group dynamic. Each team member can learn each other’s productivity levels and work styles, energy levels, communication styles, and perspectives.

As a result, engagement will grow exponentially. Engagement, in turn, grows productivity throughout your department and throughout the company.

Barracuda Consulting Can Help

Interested in using personality tests in your organization? PDP personality scans to assess the fit of potential hires, increase retention and key indicators behind retention, and to enhance group dynamics? Let Barracuda Staffing & Consulting help. We administer and assess advanced personality scans and provide training to maximize their use. Contact our consulting team today.