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Many Jobs Available in Tulsa, OK Did you know that Tulsa was first settled in the early  1800s by Creek Native Americans? It was also the site of  the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, one of the largest, most  destructive acts of racial violence to ever occur in the  United States. These days, Tulsa is… Read More »

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Barracuda Staffing wants to put Oklahoma City to work with the highest paying jobs. Looking for work, Oklahoma City? Barracuda Staffing, one of OKC’s premier staffing agencies, is looking for you. We’re on never-ending mission to find the finest workers to jump into some of the best jobs in their fields. From nursing jobs to… Read More »

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Looking for Jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma just got a whole lot easier Are you on the hunt for jobs in Tulsa, OK? Why not take weight off your shoulders and let the experts do the job hunting for you? Barracuda Staffing is one of Tulsa’s and Oklahoma City’s most distinguished staffing agencies, and finding jobs… Read More »

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Barracuda Staffing employment agency supplies jobs in Tulsa along with employee job benefits Standing out amongst Tulsa personnel agencies, Barracuda Staffing is thrilled to be to offer OKC and Tulsa employee benefits for a great work experience. With employee benefits ranging from dental plan benefits and short term disability insurance coverage to vision service plan… Read More »

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Finding Employment for Tulsa Job Seekers Our mission at Barracuda Staffing is to provide you with jobs in Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City. We are a direct hire and permanent placement personnel agency out of Tulsa and OKC working with skilled, non-skilled, professional and contract workers in the engineering, construction, industrial and light industrial fields.… Read More »

Top Tulsa Jobs from Staffing Experts Pave Green Country Career Paths

In Northeast Oklahoma or the “Green Country”, economic activity thrives. World-renowned companies certainly contributed to the economic growth by expanding businesses and offering jobs in the location. In an article for Tulsa World, Governor Mary Fallin describes how Green Country leads the rest of Oklahoma in employment growth: “Oklahoma is moving forward, and Green Country… Read More »

Job Searching: The Importance of Having a Personalized Website

When it comes to searching for a job, one thing that can make you stand out more than the rest who are turning in applications is having a simple, personalized website. This website will contain a portfolio of your work or networks you are involved in and serves the purpose of giving potential employers a… Read More »

Job Searching: The Pros and Cons of Craigslist

If you use a computer often, you have probably heard of Craigslist. Craigslist is a an online website that is comparable to the classifieds section in a newspaper. Through Craigslist, people can connect and meet in person in order to buy or sell personal items from an antique baseball card to a vehicle to an… Read More »

Tulsa, Oklahoma is One of the Best Places to Live and Work!

For the last few years, Tulsa, Oklahoma has been dubbed one of the best places to live in the United States. The reasons for this are that Tulsa has a very low cost of living, low unemployment rate, artsy culture, and beautiful scenery. In Tulsa, OK, residents are given the opportunity to visit museums such… Read More »

Barracuda Staffing Brings Tulsa Job-Seekers Quality Job Openings

Have you been living in Tulsa without job for a while, feeling like you just can’t seem to get any opportunities? Chances are, you may not be utilizing the best sites for finding job openings! Google and Craigslist are easy options for trying to find local job opportunities, but but working with an experienced employment… Read More »