Get Your Resume in Front of Employers with These 5 Tips

Having a hiring manager look at your resume is one of the first steps in finding a job. With increasing competition, it’s important that your resume stands out and shows why the manager should call you to set up an interview. Implement these five tips to increase the odds of getting your resume in front… Read More »

How Do I List Contract Work on My Resume?

As a contract worker, you have opportunities to gain a variety of experience in your field. These jobs showcase your ability to learn systems quickly and hone a variety of skills. When you have long-term contract work, employers typically view it as having a full-time job. As a result, listing contract work on your resume… Read More »

Does Your Resume Do Your Professional Skills Justice?

Your resume needs a concise skills section so a hiring manager can determine the value you may create for an employer. With the limited time they have to see whether you might be a good fit for a position, you need to clearly show why you’re most qualified and should be called in for an… Read More »

How to Create the Best First Impression with Your Resume

When you submit a resume for a position, it is the first impression that the hiring manager will have of you. It’s imperative that you make sure that it reflects the best of what you’ve done, and is clear and easy to read. Start with Experience When creating your resume you should begin with all… Read More »

The Importance of a Good Resume

Some people don’t realize how important resumes are when it comes to the hiring process, but they actually have a huge role to play! Certain employers won’t even hire you without one. It’s very important to always keep an up to date resume on hand to have the best chance at landing the job. However,… Read More »

Resume Types and When to Use Them

Chronological Resumes The chronological resume begins with a list of the job applicant’s previous work history. This list of jobs appears in reverse chronological order, with the most recent job listed first. The strength of this type of resume is that it showcases the depth and breadth of the work history for a prospective employer.… Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating A Resume

Resumes – while they may seem kind of intimidating and confusing, they’re actually not too difficult, and can be made fairly easily. The DO’s of Creating a Resume Do highlight your most relevant experience that applies to the position you are seeking. To do this, create a “Skills” section on your resume, listing specific skills… Read More »