The Importance of a Good Resume

Some people don’t realize the importance of a good resume when it comes to the hiring process, but they actually have a huge role to play! Certain employers won’t even hire you without one. It’s very important to always keep an up to date resume on hand to have the best chance at landing the job. However, even though you may have a resume with you, sometimes it can backfire if you haven’t filled it out properly or are lacking valuable information.  

Barracuda Staffing understands the importance of a good resume and we’re dedicated to helping you craft a compelling one.

Building Your Resume: Honesty

When building your resume, it is always best to be honest and upfront about your experience, background, and skill set. It’s never a good idea for you to stretch the truth or flat out make stuff up on your resume. It is extremely easy for employers to verify that information, so it’s always best to be completely honest from the beginning. If you falsify information on your resume and the employer finds out, not only will that make you look bad, but it will most likely cost you your chance of getting the job. This is why honesty is always the best policy!

Building Your Resume: Detail

When working on your resume, make sure to go in depth when describing your skill set and employment history. The more detailed you are, the more informed the employer will be when it comes to knowing what you’re capable of handling and what you would need to learn. A main purpose of creating a resume is so employers see your accomplishments, experience level, and any necessary training you’d need.

When making your resume, be sure that you do not list unnecessary information such as your birthday, hobbies, physical characteristics, political views etc. Your resume should be detailed but also easy to read. The hiring manager should be able to skim through your resume and review all your professional qualifications for the job without having all your personal information. They won’t spend very much time looking at your resume, so make it worth looking at longer!

Building Your Resume: Space Fillers

When creating your resume, be sure that you’re not vague or listing obsolete information such as, “I am a hard worker, I am a quick learner, I can multitask, etc.” Even though these are good attributes to carry with you, it’s not always best to list these on your resume. Leaving vague descriptions such as the ones shown above won’t technically hurt your chances of getting hired but they won’t help you either. Statements like these can’t necessarily be proven unless you’re on the job.

Companies are looking for more detail-oriented skills and accomplishments to be listed on resumes that pertain to the job. For example, “I have my CDL License, I am certified to operate a forklift, I have a degree in I.T etc.” When companies see that you have experience in their field or even that you’ve obtained certain knowledge about the position, they’re more willing to want to work with you!

In conclusion, resumes are very important because it is an easy way to view all of your strengths and accomplishments. It shows what you are capable of and it gives a brief summary about you and your expertise. However, you must make sure that you are completing your resume accurately and are giving valuable information that can help you achieve your goals. So, if your ever not sure about putting something on your resume, when in doubt leave it out!

Barracuda Staffing recognizes the importance of a good resume in today’s competitive job market. We specialize in providing personalized resume development services that highlight your strengths, skills, and accomplishments. Our expert team tailors each resume to suit your unique career goals, ensuring you make a powerful first impression on potential employers.