3 Things that Wow in an Interview

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3 Surefire Ways to Wow Your Interviewer and Secure the Job

When you have scheduled an interview with a staffing agency or potential employer, you want to stand out and be remembered. A lot of times when two candidates have the same experience on their resumes it is the candidate that “wowed” the interviewer that usually takes the lead. This is crucial for your job search and I can help you pinpoint a few areas that will definitely help you stand out among the crowd.

Be Prepared

When I say be prepared I mean on every single level! Be a couple minutes early for the scheduled interview. Too early can come across as disrespectful to your interviewer’s schedule, so I do not suggest being more than 5 minutes early. Get plenty of rest the night before. Being well rested shows on your face and eyes and comes across in the energy you portray during the interview.  Dress for success. Show your interviewer that you take yourself seriously and want to make a good impression. Know about the position you are interviewing for and do research on the company you are going to. This is the most important interview prep I can give that will really wow the interviewer. When you go above and beyond to research more than just the job posting you are showing how resourceful and committed to the position you are. This alone speaks volumes.

Be Personable

First impressions cannot be taken back. When you greet your interviewer make eye contact, stand tall with confidence, and extend a warm greeting. I know interviews can be nerve wracking, but if you have taken my first step and applied it then you should be prepared and self assured. Stuff down your nerves and carry yourself as if there is no doubt that you are the candidate they are looking for to fill the position. Let your personality shine through. If you have a sense of humor, use it! Companies these days are looking for people that will bring more to the table than just skill sets. Think about it, you spend majority of your awake hours at your job. Show that you have a positive attitude and are personable. You should walk away from the interview feeling you portrayed your best self. Be excited about the opportunity and let that come out.

Interview your Interviewer

After you have researched the company as well as the position you are applying for come up with questions you want to ask after the interview. Ask a variety of questions. Some that pertain to the job, some that pertain to the culture, and then always inquire about your possible future with the company. By doing this you are showing that you are driven and committed.

Make sure you are mentally crossing questions off that the interviewer answered during the initial conversation. You do not want to make the mistake of asking a question that was already answered. It will make it seem as if you were not paying attention. By asking questions that pertain to the job and dig into the culture show interest and responsibility on your part. These attributes stand out to the interviewer and help them in the decision making process when they are torn between two applicants.

If you want to “WOW” your interviewer and stand out from the other applicants follow these guidelines. You will be amazed how far preparation, confidence, and curiosity can set you apart in the interview process. Think about what you tend to remember about someone when you meet them. Go get that job you are applying for! If you don’t currently have an interview and are on the job hunt, send your resume to me nfergerson@barracudastaffing.com. I would love to assist you in your job search and “WOW” you with my exceptional ability to find the right fit for you.

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