10 Things You Shouldn’t Wear to an Interview

It may seem self-explanatory that these things are not interview attire, but let’s go over them anyway.

Excessive Perfume or Cologne

Put the bottle down, or else you might suffocate your interviewer. While you don’t want to smell bad, a thorough shower should be enough. There’s no need for seventeen spritzes of your favorite perfume or cologne. If you insist on wearing it, spray it once in front of you and walk through it. Also be sure to do this with enough time for some of it to dissipate so that it’s not strong enough to choke someone.

Low Cut Shirts

Low cut shirts have no place in your interview wardrobe. It’s inappropriate and unprofessional to show up to an interview in a low cut shirt. A slight v-neck or crew neck is much more appropriate for interviews.

Excessively Tight Clothing

Put the leggings and leather pants down. While it’s important to wear form fitting clothes, excessively tight clothing is unnecessary. It’s unprofessional to show up in clothing that looks like it’s cling wrapped to your body.


I touched on this in the excessively tight clothing, but it also deserves a category for itself. Leggings are incredibly comfortable and may be the closest thing to black slacks that you own, but don’t wear them to an interview. If you’re still looking for comfort, look for pull on dress pants or ponte pants.


It’s probably self explanatory that wearing sweatpants to an interview is never appropriate unless it’s a phone interview, but we’ll go through it anyway. Do not wear sweatpants. Sweatpants are for anything but work. Wear them whenever you want except for to an interview or work, please.


Another comfort item, t-shirts are another unacceptable interview piece. Once you get back from the interview, sure, throw on that t-shirt from 2005. Don’t wear it to your interview. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t wear it to work generally, don’t wear it to your interview. And if you have questions on that, ask before the interview.


It isn’t a sleepover. Leave the pajamas at home, and get dressed. If you show up to your interview in pajamas, your interviewer will more than likely laugh you out the door if they even let you in.

Anything Too Revealing

It’s inappropriate, distracting, and unprofessional wearing anything that you can see your underwear. No one in the workplace needs to see what you have on underneath your clothes. Keep it underneath and invisible.

Unkempt Hair

You don’t need to look like you have just left a professional salon to avoid having unkempt looking hair. Brush it, style it the way that you like it, put it in a ponytail, put product in it, however you do it to keep your hair looking neat. Don’t show up looking like a yeti.

Over-sized Clothing

Just as much as you shouldn’t wear excessively tight clothing, you shouldn’t wear potato sacks either. Stick to something form fitting, your size, or even tailored for you. A baggy dress shirt is better than a t-shirt, but still doesn’t look good to interviewers.

If you have any specific questions on what you should wear to your interview, ask when you set up the interview. If you can’t get a clear answer, dress a little nicer. It’s never as embarrassing to be a little overdressed than to be underdressed.

Written By: Sarah Poore