Personal and Professional Development

I stumbled upon this quote recently, “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy.

What it Means for Me

To become a true leader and overall better person, I have to start making changes for myself. It’s great that I want to do something to try to change the world, or at the very least someone else’s world. However, it should begin with improving myself first. You have to be very self aware to understand that sometimes it is more important to change yourself than to try to change others or their lives. I’ve taken this as a challenge professionally and have begun to teach myself search engine optimization (SEO). Not only will this go toward bettering the company because I have more knowledge, it will also help my career path. I’m working on my professional self because I believe it’s an area I have opportunity for growth in.

What it Means for You

This may mean the same thing for you, or you may already know that sometimes it’s better to work to develop yourself before you start developing others. Maybe this will spark an interest in learning more about your profession or doing something to advance yourself. If it sparks an interest personally, maybe you can take steps to improve your life. Always be thinking about how to advance yourself in this little game called life.

What it Means for Your Company

From a company perspective, it’s something to take under consideration for professional development. Maybe you encourage people to do things that would make them better workers or better prepared for their career path. It doesn’t always have to be done internally, but can be encouraged through flexible schedules to offer time to do such, allowing professional development during the workday, or even paying for any costs associated with professional development. Barracuda Staffing has been incredibly supportive in my efforts to teach myself SEO and they know they’ll see a return on that investment in me. Investing in employees creates a positive culture that will offer benefits for the company in the end.

This quote can truly be taken multiple ways, and I think the thought behind it is going to allow for people to become better leaders so that eventually they may be able to change the world. Just remember, sometimes the only person’s life you need to change is yours.

Written By: Sarah Poore