Appropriate Body Language in an Interview

I’m back with more tips on how to crush your interviews!

Let’s talk about appropriate body language in an interview. I know that this may be a surprising topic because you wouldn’t normally think there is much to it, but it’s something everyone needs to be mindful of. Not thinking about your body language during the interview could cost you the job if someone else performed better.

First Impressions

Sit up straight! In an interview, your potential employer is evaluating everything about you – not just your work experience. Do make sure you’re sitting up straight. It makes you look more engaged in the conversation and implies that you care about how you are perceived. Also, nodding your head and smiling at appropriate times is another way to show you are listening and retaining the information you are being given.

Things to Avoid

In an interview you should never be slumped back in your chair, looking around the room as if anything and everything else is more interesting than what the interviewer has to say. Also make sure your arms aren’t crossed, as that will make you seem uninterested in being there. Finally – and this should go without saying – lose the cell phone. If you have a cell phone out at any point during the interview (unless it was asked of you) it automatically sets the tone that the interview you are in is less important to you than your phone.

Having appropriate body language in an interview is not that hard, it is just something you need to be mindful of beforehand. If you come to the interview with respect for the interviewer and the company, then the body language will follow. It’s a small part of the interview to think about, but an important one nonetheless.

Written By: Madison Wilson