Growth is Good Until It’s Not

Growing a company is something every entrepreneurial person wants. Whether you’re the owner, the manager, the vice president, or some other title, you want the business to succeed. Clearly you’ve done well in the past getting the right people in, otherwise your company wouldn’t be expanding. But with that growth comes stretching yourself and your team. You may not have needed a staffing company before, but here are some reasons you should consider us in your time of growth and prosperity.

Your Company is Growing Too Fast

Growth is good! Getting more and more orders, serving more and more people, and stretching more and more to make ends meet. Your company may have just exploded into prosperity, and you’re thinking you don’t need any help keeping your staff up with the rate of growth. Here’s where you’re wrong. This is an opportunity for you to keep that momentum going. If you don’t have to worry about the lengthy hiring process, that leaves you to keep growth on an upward trend. Staying on the path to greater growth is important, and you shouldn’t have to choose between that and getting new people in the door. That’s where Barracuda Staffing can help. We’ll free up your schedule so that you can keep growing.

You’re Missing Opportunities

You can’t overpromise your customers. There is only so much you can do with your current staff – and they can only do so much extra. You may be forced into saying “no, we can’t do that” to a customer simply because you don’t have the staff to get it done. And when you try to fill more positions yourself, you find that you don’t have the time to get other things done or work on growing the company. That’s because the same amount of time that you spend searching for employees could be spent doing something productive towards growing your company. You’re missing out on opportunity because you have to fill the workforce. When you outsource your staffing needs to Barracuda, you’ll only receive qualified candidates who we think would be a good fit for your company. You can interview them if you want, and then it’s done. Don’t be afraid to simplify your work life with Barracuda, we’ll help you stay on that growth trajectory.

You’re Pushing Current Employees Too Hard

Your employees can only do so much throughout the day. They may work overtime, but do they get solid breaks? Do they miss family events because you’ve asked them to work late? Do they seem like they’re starting to get burnt out? If that’s the case because you haven’t had time to fill the positions that you need to alleviate the stress on your current workers – you need Barracuda. We can help alleviate that stress on you and your employees by finding the right people for you. You’ll be able to get everything done, and so will your employees when we fill your positions!

Like I said, growth is good. Until it isn’t good for you or your employees. Barracuda can step in to help you find qualified individuals while you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing – producing. You can’t grow if you don’t grow your staff and if you’re too focused on staffing yourself, you may find that your growth will come to an end. Let us help so you can get the people you need and grow your company. You’ll find it’s one of the best decisions once we take it off your hands.

Written By: Sarah Poore