Manufacturing Salary Guide: How Does Your Pay Compare?

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturers in the United States are the most productive in the world. Because they far surpass productivity in other major manufacturing economies, workers enjoy higher wages and living standards. Find out how your manufacturing salary compares to the United States median annual salary in these five roles. Information… Read More »

A Common Misconception: Staffing Agencies Don’t Understand Us

One of the reasons that most people are afraid of hiring a staffing agency is because they believe that we don’t understand your business. In a nutshell, it’s just a misconception. If we work with you, it’s a partnership and we work to understand your company, the culture, and what you’re really looking for outside… Read More »

The Truth About the Cost of a Staffing Agency

I could paint you a hundred different pictures of you searching for employees. It could be that your best employee quits leaving you and your team in turmoil, or you’re spending hours trying to fill a position when you’re not getting your job done. It all can be handled the same way in the end.… Read More »

Myth: Barracuda Only Staffs Blue Collar

The notion that Barracuda Staffing exclusively staffs for blue collar workers is a myth. In the past, we primarily focused on the manufacturing industry while accepting other industries as well, but we are quickly expanding into many other industries such as administrative, accounting, medical, business management, information technology, and more.  We may have a reputation… Read More »

All staffing companies are the same, or are they?

There is a belief that all staffing companies operate the same. However, at Barracuda Staffing we do things a lot differently than other agencies do. We believe in finding the right candidate for the right job at the right Client. Here are just a few ways we operate to make us stand out from other… Read More »

Forget What You Think You Know About Staffing Agencies

It is true. Staffing Agencies have a bad reputation. Bad reputations are derived from Candidates and Clients not getting what they are looking for, not being heard, not being well represented, and all together bad relationships being formed. Barracuda Staffing was born out of the ashes of such bad reputations in Tulsa during a time… Read More »

Growth is Good Until It’s Not

Growing a company is something every entrepreneurial person wants. Whether you’re the owner, the manager, the vice president, or some other title, you want the business to succeed. Clearly you’ve done well in the past getting the right people in, otherwise your company wouldn’t be expanding. But with that growth comes stretching yourself and your… Read More »

Is Turnover Killing Your Company?

Employee turnover is an issue that many companies face. Having employees leave and then hiring new ones may seem like a normal occurrence until you realize that it could be different. High turnover doesn’t have to be an accepted fact – no matter your industry. Issues with Turnover 1. Time and Money Spent Odds are… Read More »

Using a Staffing Agency Wastes Time (No it Doesn’t)

There is a common misconception that staffing companies are a waste of time. When in all actuality it may be exactly what your company is missing! Working with a staffing agency such as Barracuda Staffing could be exactly what you need to take your company to the next level! When you work with Barracuda Staffing,… Read More »

The Cost of the Wrong Hire

The search for talent right now is intense. Everyone needed workers yesterday, and the talent pool just seems to be getting smaller. But production must go on, so what do we do? We rush to hire just to fill our open positions. However, that may not be the best option. According to a CareerBuilder survey,… Read More »