Beyond the Norm: Barracuda Staffing’s Unique Approach in a Sea of Sameness

Barracuda Staffing's Unique Approach

Experience Barracuda Staffing’s unique approach: Permanent placements, exceptional service, and a unique culture. Your success, our priority. The perception often lingers that all staffing agencies adhere to the same playbook. However, at Barracuda Staffing & Consulting, we stand apart by rewriting that script. Our distinctive approach focuses on harmoniously aligning the right candidate with the… Read More »

Manufacturing Salary: How Does Your Pay Compare?

Manufacturing Salary Guide

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturers in the United States are the most productive in the world. Because they far surpass productivity in other major manufacturing economies, workers enjoy higher wages and living standards. Find out how your manufacturing salary compares to the United States median annual salary in these five roles. Information… Read More »

A Common Misconception: Staffing Agencies Don’t Understand Us

Staffing Agencies Don't Understand Us

One of the reasons that most people are afraid of hiring a staffing agency is because they believe that we don’t understand your business. In a nutshell, it’s just a misconception. If we work with you, it’s a partnership and we work to understand your company, the culture, and what you’re really looking for outside… Read More »

Myth: Barracuda Only Staffs Blue Collar

Blue Collar Staffing Woman in Hard Hat

Our process has resulted in lower turnover for our clients and a higher job satisfaction for our contractors. We have an outstanding record of permanent placements with our clients because we work tirelessly to find the right fit, and not just the quickest fill – and we think that is something to celebrate! We believe… Read More »

Growth is Good Until It’s Not

Your Company is Growing Too Fast Growth is good! Getting more and more orders, serving more and more people, and stretching more and more to make ends meet. Your company may have just exploded into prosperity, and you’re thinking you don’t need any help keeping your staff up with the rate of growth. Here’s where… Read More »

The Barracuda Difference

  The Barracuda Difference: Powering your People Potential The results are in! We are officially one of the highest rated companies on Google in the Tulsa area. What makes us so great? It’s our Four Dimensional Matching! Company’s Needs The first dimension we consider when looking to match a candidate to an open job is… Read More »