Job Hunting has Changed

Job Hunting has Changed

Job hunting has changed have changed over the years. It’s a digital era, impersonal, and resumes are now required. You may be used to the old ways of getting a job, but you’ll find that the environment has changed completely. Not sure how to handle all of that? Here’s how Barracuda Staffing can help with all of it.

The Digital Era

The entire process has gone digital. From the search to application, you can expect to find it all online. It can be a little overwhelming though. Plus if you aren’t familiar with it, you may not even know where to begin. There are endless job listings out on the web, but when you come to Barracuda Staffing, you fill out one application to be considered for any of our jobs. You don’t fill out one for each individual position like you would other places. Our application is online, but it streamlines your hunt to get you in the job you want and gets you to meet with someone who can help throughout the entire process.

It’s Impersonal

With the online movement, we’ve lost the personal touch that job hunting used to have. There’s no connection other than to your wifi. That can make the process even harder. If you thrive off of speaking to people and feel nothing from the cold, hard computer, job hunting can seem lonely and disheartening. Job hunting is already difficult enough, so why should we make it impersonal as well? With Barracuda Staffing, you get the personal touch added back with your recruiter. Don’t worry about your application being sent off into the abyss. We’ll be right there for you, ready for any questions you may have or guidance that you need.

Resumes Required

These days it’s impossible to get anywhere without a resume. You may have been able to walk into a shop, do a quick skills assessment, and walk out with a job before but not anymore. Hiring managers want to see more than just what you can do now, they want to see what you’ve done before. Your resume is the nice gift wrapped history that they want to see. Not only are you supposed to have a resume, but you’re also supposed to have a nice looking resume. Here at Barracuda Staffing we have recruiters who will help you build a resume to get you hired and that you can be proud of.

The way you hunt for a job may have changed, but the way we serve people here at Barracuda Staffing hasn’t. If you’re looking for a more personal route to take, come on in to Barracuda Staffing & Consulting. We’ll do whatever we can to get you in a job you love and guide you along the way.