Endless Applications

I remember when I started looking for a job here in Tulsa. I spent six months on the hunt for the perfect one that checked off everything I was searching for. Looking for jobs became my full time job, and let me tell you – I probably filled out hundreds of applications before I got to where I am now. I understand how frustrating it gets, how you feel when it’s the beginning of a new week and you don’t have prospects, and how much you want to get to work. Barracuda Staffing can help with that. Let’s walk through it.

The Endless List of Open Jobs

If you go to search for a job on the internet right now, you’ll probably spend about a day sorting through the results. That’s just on one job board. Not to mention that there are multiple job boards and some employers only list their jobs on their website. So when you add all of that together along with new jobs being posted each day, it’s daunting to tackle. With Barracuda Staffing, you can very easily see all of the jobs we currently have open on our website. When we get new job orders your recruiter will also reach out to you to let you know about the opportunity. Going through page after page after page of jobs is old school. Let Barracuda Staffing help you with that.

Repeating Yourself Over and Over and Over

Along with the multitude of jobs that are on the internet comes the multitude of applications. It gets tiring filling out the same general information (most of which is probably on your resume anyway). How many times do you really want to be filling out your work history and schooling information? Ten times? Twenty times? One hundred times? If you’re anything like me, you’ll get exhausted from taking an hour to fill out all of that information – and you’ll risk wasting your time if that wasn’t the job for you. Barracuda Staffing asks for one application that you fill out prior to meeting with your recruiter. This application is for each and every one of our open positions – and if there are multiple positions that you’re interested in, it’s still just the one application. One and done – is there anything simpler?

It Isn’t Actually Open Anymore

There’s nothing worse than seeing a job that matches what you’re looking for, applying for it, and then finding out that they had already filled the position and meant to take the job posting down. “Oops, sorry for wasting your time as we’ve already filled the position, but thanks for reminding us to remove that.” That will light a fire in you if you’ve now wasted your time on that application. Any job that you see on our website is open. We update our website daily to make sure that you know exactly what we have and when we have it.

Job hunting is frustrating, daunting, and all around something that no one really wants to go through. So why wouldn’t you make it easier on yourself and have a staffing agency help you out? Check out our jobs and give us a call, we’d be happy to get you going!

Written by: Sarah Poore