Feel Alone in Your Job Hunt?

Don't feel alone in your job hunt with Barracuda Staffing & Consulting!

Don’t feel alone in your job hunt! Your job hunt can be a long journey. It’s daunting and intimidating to walk through it alone. You may not know where to start, how to get through the interview, how to deal with rejection, or anything else that comes up along your journey. Know that Barracuda Staffing is here for you. We’ll walk beside you in your journey and guide you through it. Here’s how we do it.

I Don’t Know Where to Begin

Maybe it has been a while since you last looked for a job, maybe it’s your first time, or maybe you’re somewhere in between. No matter where you fall, we can help you get started on your job hunt. It starts as simple as this: come in to our office and fill out our application. You’ll get a dedicated recruiter who will get the ball rolling. We have jobs that range from entry level to highly skilled, and you can check them out on our website. Don’t see something that fits with what you want? Give us a call and ask if we’ve seen openings or for advice on how to get going. We’ll do whatever we can to help you end your job search.

An Advocate Who Can Guide You

Your recruiter is a secret weapon. They will be your advocate and your coach throughout the entire process. Be honest with them about what you’re looking for and have more information than just, “I’ll take whatever you have.” Your recruiter will do everything that they can for you. From fighting to get you the interview, walking you through questions and how to respond, to fighting to get you the best pay possible, your recruiter will step up to bat wherever you need assistance. They’re warriors who just want to get you somewhere that you love to be because our goal is to find you a long term fit, not just a short term fit.

A Long Term Fit

Speaking of the long term fit, we use our Four Dimensional Matching process to find it. We look at what you need in the short term versus what our client needs in the short term and then take a look at your long term goals versus where our client wants to see you in the long term. If everything matches up, we’ve found our fit. We don’t want to place you in temporary position after temporary position. We want what you want, and we’ll do our best to get you where you want to be. Give us a call or come on in to our office and let’s get you started!