Is Your Company Experiencing Growing Pains? 3 Ways to Combat Them.

Every business goes through growing pains. No matter the size of the company, problems always will exist. However, early-stage companies tend to feel more pressure than later-stage ones because there typically are fewer resources at their disposal. Because you need to work on your business to help it expand, here are three ways to combat growing pains.

Analyze Your Data

Examine data about your current and target clients to better understand them and generate interest in your services. Providing what your customers want results in repeat business. Use analytics to determine where your customers research service options, what their pain points are, which times of year they hire for services, types of benefits they want to receive, and which price point they go up to. Also, use data analytics to determine which platforms people use for professional services so you know where to market. Uncover which marketing content works best, such as blog posts, magazine articles, videos, social media posts or online and offline advertisements. Plus, use data analytics to improve your customer service. Determine which contact points most customers use to reach out to you, closely monitor them and respond within an hour whenever possible.

Evaluate Your Team

Although it’s important to honor those who’ve been with you from the start, an employee who’s a jack of all trades may not have the skills needed to transition and grow with the company. The vision, passion and drive needed to get your business off the ground may not be adequate to move things to the next level. Also, the skills and ideas that may have launched your company may not translate to being skilled at business. Be prepared to bring in a new executive team if needed. Be sure you take the time to make the right hiring choices, as they’ll impact how successful your business will be in the future. You need people with the skills and cultural fit to help your company thrive. Make sure potential hires are as interested in working for you as you are in bringing them aboard. Also, hire based on potential rather than experience.

Invest in Technology

Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to enhance your branding and visibility, interact with your audience around a direct message or offer, and drive traffic to your website. Create real-time, on-demand video for marketing and product promotion. Implement online customer relationship management and customer care to personalize the customer experience. Automate email, marketing and other functions to free up time for higher value activities.

Combat Company Growing Pains

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