Corporate Culture, is yours good or bad?

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture, is yours good or bad?

Ever thought about your corporate culture? What does your company represent from employees and to the client? A company’s culture helps define who that company is, inside and out. The culture within a company is influenced by the core values, morals, and behavior set by owners, board of directors and leadership. The culture sets the tone for the business, it’s personality that is shared values, traditions, philosophies and policies of each employee.

Corporate culture is a powerful force that affects individuals in very real ways. Cultures are both formal and informal and can be studied by listening and interacting with employees (internal perspective) and clients (external perspective). The values of your company define your culture, motivate your employees and build a strong foundation for success. As much as people like to think they have a strong value and culture, it always has the potential to turn negative.

When a culture starts to turn towards the negative, it isn’t always noticeable due to subtleties. The human factor can affect any culture. Human nature looks to the visible aspects such as working environments, compensation and dress codes but miss underlying invisible elements. Those elements are norms, values and assumptions. There is a fundamental need for cognitive stability and the slightest assumption can lead to anxiety and defensiveness, hurting evening the best corporate culture.

How does your company handle itself in everyday situations? Have you established the right culture that motivates and supports your company’s core values? Can you address the invisible element of assumptions that have become the “norm”? Barracuda Staffing & Consulting can develop a plan and guide your company’s leadership to build a culture that maintains its effectiveness on establishing tradition, shared values, policies and motivating philosophies. Contact Barracuda Staffing Consulting for your customized branded solutions. #protectwhatyoubuilt