3 Building Blocks to a Solid Manufacturing Career

The workforces at many manufacturing facilities are aging. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that approximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day. This creates an abundance of openings in senior roles waiting to be filled by younger workers. If you want to be one of those employees moving up the corporate ladder, pay attention to these three building blocks to create a solid manufacturing career.


Take advantage of education opportunities. For instance, if you attend a technical undergraduate program, follow up with a business-related graduate degree. Continue adding to your skill set, including skills that are hard to find, to increase demand for your abilities. Examples include industrial equipment and technology, smart sensors and smart devices, computerized control systems, network security, and data collection and analysis. Earn industry-standard certifications that show you have the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in manufacturing.


Create a team of mentors to guide you along your manufacturing career path. Workers with mentors tend to earn more money earlier in their careers than those without mentors. Having more than one seasoned professional supporting you increases the benefits you receive. For instance, they can help you stay current on trends and innovations in robotics, automation, smart manufacturing and related issues. Also, mentors can help you develop expertise in new areas to increase your value in the workforce. If your employer doesn’t have a structured mentoring program, find out if they can start one. Talk with coworkers and mangers to see if they’d act as mentors for you or know someone who might. Attend networking events, manufacturing conferences and trade shows to get to know others in the industry. Ask around to get your name out there and see whether someone may mentor you. Once you find your first mentor, explain what knowledge and skills you’d like to learn from their training and guidance. Determine whether your personalities blend and you can work together long-term. Set up a meeting time to confirm details.

Work Performance

Deliver your best work performance every day. Employees who get results typically are the ones who get promoted. Demonstrate your ability to work independently and collaboratively. Hold yourself and others accountable for their actions. Take on additional tasks to help coworkers when you can. Learn from your mistakes. Build rapport with your boss and other senior leaders to enhance your move up the corporate ladder. Identify specific ways you enhanced operations or positively impacted your employer’s bottom line. Quantify your achievements in yield, product quality, defects, customer returns, on-time shipping and other areas. Find innovative ways to move the company forward.

Build a Solid Manufacturing Career

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