4 Spooky Myths About Working with a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter may be beneficial to your job search. They offer a vast network with unadvertised roles that result in less competition for interviews and increased odds of receiving an offer. Because many people have misconceptions about what recruiters do and whom they advocate for, we want to clear up the following four myths about working with a recruiter.


MYTH: Recruiters Are Unresponsive

FACT: Because a recruiter has very limited time, they prioritize who would be most beneficial to talk with and for what length of time. A recruiter tends to be very responsive to current and potential clients with job orders to fill and strong candidates for those roles. A recruiter tends to be less responsive to candidates who approach them out of desperation, are looking for a career change or are not perceived as top-notch professionals. A recruiter lacks the time to respond to the hundreds of resumes or phone calls they receive weekly or coach candidates not a close fit for the positions that need to be filled.

MYTH: Recruiters Don’t Help Candidates Negotiate the Best Compensation

FACT: Since a recruiter typically earns fees based on a percentage of the new hire’s first-year base income, the more compensation they negotiate for the candidate, the more money the recruiter earns. They often have inside information on what the employer is willing to pay and can negotiate a higher salary than a candidate may believe they can earn. The employer understands they need to pay a premium for finding candidates through a recruiter and do not take the recruiter’s commission out of the new hire’s income.

MYTH: Recruiters Don’t Focus on Long-Term Relationships

FACT: A recruiter bases much of their business on building relationships. Their long-term success depends on cultivating a network of strong relationships. A recruiter knows which people help them in their searches and wants to return the favor when possible. They appreciate when a candidate who is not interested in or not a good fit for a role introduces them to someone who is.    

MYTH: Recruiters Just Want to Make Sales 

FACT: A recruiter relies on the support and coordination of multiple specialists and sub-departments to effectively do their work. For instance, a recruiter serves as a client manager by supporting internal hiring teams and/or external candidates who need to be managed, pitched to and negotiated with. A recruiter acts as a project coordinator who handles scheduling and managing interviews, closing feedback loops and providing follow up. They also handle marketing, branding and social media to ensure all messaging is aligned and efficiently delivered to media outlets.

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