How Demonstrating Employee Appreciation Can Lead to More Applicants

Making your job candidates feel appreciated is the right thing to do. They view your company in a more positive light. Even if candidates don’t get the job they wanted, their experience will make them more likely to apply for another job down the road. Candidates may write positive company reviews or encourage their peers to apply for your openings, increasing your referrals, and apply rates. Demonstrate employee appreciation in these five ways to increase your application rates.

Be Flexible

Because many job candidates are employed, remain flexible when scheduling interviews. Suggest different time slots to work with their busy schedule. Make arrangements to meet after normal work hours when needed. If a candidate needs to reschedule at the last minute, remember that emergencies come up and find a different time to meet. Being flexible increases engagement in the recruiting process and encourages candidates to continue moving forward.

Prepare Candidates for Interviews

Because the interview process can be stressful and intimidating, mention specific ways candidates can prepare for them. Relieve candidate anxiety by providing detailed instructions on how to get to your workplace and whom to ask for upon arrival. Share your company dress code, what to bring, and how long the interview should take. Setting up candidates for success builds a reputation for being supportive and thoughtful; the type of employer people want to work for.

Share Next Steps

To maintain engagement and express appreciation, let candidates know what the next steps are in the recruiting process. After applying, explain the entire process. Include how many interviews to expect, how long the recruiting process takes, and whether any assessments or tests are involved. After each interview, provide a timeline for when candidates should hear back from you. For candidates who aren’t a great fit, be honest with them. They’ll appreciate your transparency and trust you more.

Request Feedback

Gauge candidates’ interest in the role throughout each stage of the recruiting process by asking for feedback about their experience. Let them share their thoughts in person or through a post-interview survey over email to show you value and appreciate their opinions. Find out how you can improve your recruiting process and the candidate experience. Ask questions about what candidates appreciated most about the recruiting process to gain insight into what’s working and what needs to change. Request suggestions for improvement.

Keep in Touch

Occasionally reach out to the qualified talent who didn’t end up working for you. Keep your company and jobs top of mind to show you value those people as potential future employees. Ask how their professional lives are going. Share industry news and articles of interest. Share when relevant positions open up. Potential candidates will think of you first when they’re ready to make a career change.

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