Your Career Checklist: Comparing a Bad Job vs. a Bad Day

Like everyone else, you have bad days at work. You may have a conflict with a coworker, forget to bring your lunch, or have to work late and miss an important event. However, when you repeatedly have bad days that turn into weeks or months, there may be a bigger problem. Here are some tips to determine whether you’re having a bad day or have a bad job and what to do about each issue.

Signs of a Bad Day

A bad day at work may be caused by a variety of things. Perhaps a coworker was negative, you didn’t reach production goals, or your boss talked to you about a performance issue, aim to leave the situation and adverse feelings in the workplace so you don’t take them home and think about them further. Vent if you need to, but only for 10 minutes or less. Think about what happened and how you can proactively prevent it from happening again or deal with it in a more productive manner.

Signs of a Bad Job

A bad job has much more serious consequences than a few bad days at work. Perhaps you’re continually receiving bad feedback about your performance. Maybe you’ve lost passion for what you do. As you listen to people talk about their jobs, you might feel envious and wish your work were more interesting. You may not have room for promotion. Not being able to work your way up limits the skills you gain and the challenges you overcome, leading to disengagement and less productivity. You definitely need to make a career change.

Steps to Get Through a Bad Day

If you’re having a bad day at work, take action to remedy the situation. Go for a walk outside to get away from the situation and clear your head. Find something to laugh about, such as a YouTube video. Or, go somewhere private and cry to release tension and stress. Do something distracting, such as scrolling through your Instagram feed to see people zip-lining or bungee jumping. Remember that it’s not the end of the world. You’ll get through the challenge.

Steps to Change a Bad Job

If you have a bad job, there are steps you can take to cope until you find a new one. Start by assessing your situation. Determine exactly what’s causing your unhappiness. Talk to your supervisor about the issue. See if any adjustments can be made. Above all, maintain a positive attitude. Continue to refine your skills and overcome challenges. Perform your best to raise your spirits and boost your confidence so you go home feeling productive. If things don’t change within a few months, begin looking for a new job.

Find a New Job

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