5 Unique Recruiting Tactics to Discover Skilled Employees

Finding skilled employees can be challenging. No matter how much time and money you invest, you don’t always know which sourcing methods are best or which hires will remain the longest. For these reasons, you need to get creative with your recruiting methods to find the talent you need. Here are five unique recruiting tactics to discover skilled employees.

Create 15-Second Wacky Commercials

Purchase 15-second spots to play commercials before the previews at the most attended theaters near your office. Ask employees to create 6-second videos of them performing their silliest talent. Ask your graphics person to create an introduction slide for the video that shows your company logo and flashes the words “Featuring the elite talent of [your company name]” and a closing slide that asks, “What is your elite talent? Apply now” with your recruiting web address. Insert the clips inside your starting and ending slides to create your commercials. People who see the commercials will wonder what your company does and use their mobile devices to see what’s available.

Wrap an RV

Purchase an inexpensive RV and have it wrapped to create a mobile hiring center. Put the words “Now Hiring” in big letters. At lunchtime, drive the RV to parking lots near targeted companies you feel have a culture that produces great employees with an excellent experience. Have your team stand at the RV and hand out flyers to the employees coming and going.

Hand Out Recruiting Cards

Print special business cards for each employee with your company name, phone number, website, and the words “Now Hiring” stamped across the front in red letters. The back should read, “Tell them ___________ said you are awesome!” Ask each employee to write their name on their hiring cards and hand one out whenever they come across someone doing a great job at whatever they’re doing. The goal is to show you’re looking for anyone who went out of their way to provide great service and make an impression.

Implement Employee Referral Rewards

Incentivize your employees to provide referrals. Since they understand your culture and what to look for in someone who will fit with the organization, they’re your best source for qualified candidates. Offer rewards such as cash, iPads, and Flip cameras to employees who refer people who get hired. Offer smaller incentives upon hiring and larger ones after onboarding for a set time.


Rent billboards near busy freeway exits close to your location to let others know you’re hiring. Include fun, catchy imagery that draws attention. Keep the wording minimal. Make your web address easy to remember so people can look up open roles later. For instance, ask an employee to pose with a shirt that says, “This is what awesome looks like… Now Hiring.”

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