5 Ways to Get Your Social Media Profiles Ready for Your Job Search

Now more than ever, hiring managers and recruiters are turning to social media to learn more about job candidates. They want to find out more about whom they might call in for an interview or extend a job offer. As a result, you want your social media profiles to reveal only the information you want an employer to know about you. Here are five ways to get your social media profiles ready for your job search.

Google Yourself

Perform an incognito Google search to see what’s posted about you. Use a private browsing window, so you see unbiased results unaffected by previous searches, logged-in services or other personalization factors used by Google. Determine whether the content that shows up is positive, accurate and relevant. Work on removing any inappropriate or inaccurate information.

Update Your Profiles

Make sure your social media profiles are updated, complete, and relevant. Include a professional headshot, your employment history, education and skills. Highlight your most relevant achievements that benefitted employers. Include quantifiable events that increased revenue, decreased expenses or moved the company forward. For instance, “delivered the target of $500,000 in added revenue with cutting costs by 25%.” Regularly post new jobs, titles, promotions and other relevant information. Provide a clear link to your email address so a hiring manager or recruiter can contact you.

Maintain Professionalism

Ensure your social media profiles include content you wouldn’t mind having your employer see. Take down any inappropriate photos, stories, videos, jokes, or other posts. Ask connections to remove anything you’re tagged in that you don’t want an employer to see. Avoid posting anything political, religious, negative or controversial. Instead, post content related to your job, industry and career goals. Examples include business updates, industry news, current events and upcoming conferences, webinars or other events. Share pictures, videos and other content that demonstrates personal interests. Ask family and friends to check in with you before tagging you in posts.

Participate in Career-Related Groups

Connect with like-minded professionals through career-relevant social media groups. Gain insider information on the latest industry news, trends and best practices. Ask and answer questions to share information and improve work performance. Discuss ways to add additional value to an employer. Increase your network to find additional opportunities. Build strong connections with professionals and employers in your field. Give and receive career-related advice.

Form Career-Focused Connections

Although it’s good to connect with family and friends, make sure the majority of your contacts are career-related. Employers want to see you’re active in your field. This is especially important if a job posting lists strong industry contacts as a core requirement. Focus on connecting with professionals you know, want to know, and should get to know. Give and receive recommendations to help others and yourself pursue professional opportunities.

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