6 Management Mistakes You’re Overlooking

As a manager, your responsibilities keep you busy. In many cases, you may be so busy completing your tasks that you forget to focus on important areas of your job. Perhaps you don’t openly communicate with your team, know what motivates individual members, or lead by example. If so, you want to be aware of the areas you lack in so you can improve your performance and that of your team. Here are six common management mistakes and how to fix them.

Not Providing Feedback

If you don’t provide real-time feedback for your employees, they’ll continue to repeat behaviors you don’t want rather than improving performance. Instead of waiting for a performance review to share what employees are doing right and specific ways they can do better, let them know as soon as you witness a behavior you want to reinforce or change. Otherwise, things won’t improve long-term.

Not Communicating

If you don’t openly communicate with your employees, they can’t perform according to expectations. To combat this issue, assign project duties in line with what they excel at. Encourage mentorship and professional development so teammates can move up in the organization. Welcome employees’ concerns and complaints through one-on-one discussions. Provide assistance with resolving issues as they arise.

Failing to Define Goals

If you don’t clarify company goals, your employees don’t know what objectives to work toward. Instead, share goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant to the business, and timely. Regularly check in to determine progress and alter course when needed. Celebrate reaching milestones and objectives.

Not Understanding Employee Motivation

If you don’t know what motivates individual employees, you won’t know how to encourage them to perform their best each day. Knowing what motivates each employee helps you encourage them to remain engaged and productive while reaching company goals. Your team members are more satisfied with their work, interested in professional development, and willing to go the extra mile to help out.

Not Leading by Example

If you don’t lead by example, your employees won’t follow your directions. As a leader, you’re a role model for your team. For this reason, if you need them to work late, you need to do the same. If there’s a company rule about not eating at your desk, you need to have lunch and snacks in the break room. If you want your employees to exhibit a positive attitude, you need to as well.

Not Delegating

If you don’t delegate, it can cause bottlenecks in workflow, increased stress, and burnout. To combat this, learn to trust your team to complete the tasks they’re equipped for. They need to take on some of your responsibilities to grow as leaders and move up within the organization. Share relevant information and train employees to take on some of your work. Free up time for you to handle higher-level responsibilities.

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