When crafting a resume many people take the approach of this being a necessary evil, but in reality, it does not have to be such a daunting task. In a world moving quickly to automation, resume filtering is becoming among the most common practices used by employers. There are some quick tips that can help you be successful in making it past the filters and in front of the eyes of those that matter.

First Impressions

While many may think about their phone screen or interview as being their first impression on an employer, in actuality it begins at the resume. Make sure it is clear, concise, and easy to read. You want to ensure your resume covers the key elements of your experience. Here are some sections you should include:

  • Professional Summary – this is where you can provide a couple sentences summarizing your work experience. Make sure this speaks to the position for which you are seeking.
  • Skills Profile – this is an area where you can highlight some specific skills you have an often times where you will want to ensure that the key words highlighted in the job description are appearing. (i.e. customer service, sales, leadership, etc.)
  • Work Experience – this section should include Company Name, Dates of Employment, Title/Position, and Duties/Responsibilities. Make sure employers have a clear idea on what you did in each of your roles. Include quantifiable data, numbers are easy to read.
  • Education – any education you have which can include High School Diploma, Trade School, 2-4 year College/University, etc.
    • You will also want to include any certification courses you have completed.
  • Additional Information – include accolades you have received, accomplishments, training programs, etc. Anything that would be a positive to the company and/or the position for which you are seeking.

Common Mistakes

Many people use resume builders or templates to create a resume, which is a great tool to help with getting started, but often will ask you to include things that are not necessary such as hobbies and objective statements, be wary of these, if they do not sell you in a positive light or have a direct impact on the position you are seeking, do not include them. Some other common don’ts include:

  • Using identifiers that allow companies to judge prematurely.
  • Lying about dates of employment to cover up gaps in work history or omitting a job because you feel it does not directly relate to the position you are seeking therefore putting an unnecessary gap in your employment history. Unrelated work history is better than a gap in work history!
  • Not customizing your resume for the position in which you seek.
  • Going beyond 2 pages; keep it short and simple.
  • Using different font types and sizes is hard on the eyes of the reader; keep it simple by using bolded text or one size larger font for categories or titles, but keep it uniformed throughout the entire document.

At the end of the day, make sure you are highlighting why an employer would want to speak with you; selling your experience in a positive way that speaks to the position and the company. Review the job descriptions before applying, does your resume match those qualifications? Review the company website, does your resume speak to the company culture?

How Barracuda Can Help

If you find yourself wondering where to start here are some options for you. Whether you are crafting your first resume, re-entering the workforce after an extended leave, changing industries, or just looking for better opportunities Barracuda can help. We have a couple resources at your disposal:

Resume Builder

Resume Consultations

If you are not sure what is the best option for you, give us a call at 918-488-0887.

Written by: Sarah Dial


When people walk into any business, they should leave WOWed. One thing about Barracuda is we focus on making every person’s first and last impression memorable. The way, our focus on our core values really shines through in everything that we do. When people leave they know that we truly care about helping them find long term placement and are never just a number. This is so important.

Personal Passions in the Workplace

Barracuda is honestly the best company I have ever worked for. One passion of mine is to treat everyone like they are someone, because they are and I can truly be myself here because my team also has the same passion. I guess you could say without a doubt that I am excited to come to work every day. There’s not one person in the entire building that isn’t walking around with a huge smile on their face making it a welcoming place for everyone.

Team Wide Passions

Knowing that our team is working so hard on a daily basis, giving it their all to help people in our community succeed is such a great feeling. This is an amazing company to be a part of. When people are job seeking it can be a very frustrating and sometimes putting them in a vulnerable state of mind, Barracuda puts them at ease. They walk away knowing that we are going to find them something that is going to be perfect for them and everything will be alright.

I have focused my career path on customer service, I love meeting and talking to new people and just making someone’s day in a small way. All the small things turn into the big things. No matter what’s going on in your life, kind words or a smile can change your perspective around in a positive way. There’s nothing better than knowing that you are going to be treated well and you mean so much.  

We are doing so many great things for the community and I’m grateful to be a part of it. If you want to change your life in a major way and work with people that truly care about the outcome of your life, come in and see for yourself what a game changer Barracuda Staffing is!

Written by: Ashley Diaz

My passion is making a difference in the path of someone’s life. I derive deep satisfaction knowing I have helped people find an amazing new position and helped them advance with their careers.

Compassion: Helping Anyway I Can

Obviously, I am paid when the person lands his or her dream job, but again there is a warm feeling when you know someone is going to be happier in the new situation that you helped him find. I truly mean that I get satisfaction in helping people. Occasionally when I run into someone who is outstanding and needs my help, yet I have no positions that match at the time. I will make a few calls to people I know who might have an opening for someone with these specific skills. I do this without hesitation because the person needs some help that I can provide since I am so well networked. Barracuda’s team truly cares about their candidates, employees and clients.

If you’re looking to switch up your career, submit your resume to our team here!

Written by: Jessica Moody

There is one thing that I find absolutely amazing about most of us.

Deep down we all know what is it that we need to do. We know what will make us happier, what will make us healthier, what will help us grow. We know exactly what we should be doing with our time, with our lives. And despite knowing all of that, we just don’t ACT on it.

It just becomes one of those things that we talk about, dream about and obsess about, but it never makes its way into our reality.

Make a Change

Instead of doing what you have always done and finding yourself in the same job that you’re bored of, why not go after what you want? Sometimes, just having a conversation with a skilled recruiter can bring that out. Don’t go to an interview and say, “I will do anything,” “I’m open, what do you have?” Own your destiny. Decide where you want to be in life and take notes. A good recruiter will listen to you and will ask you difficult, soul searching questions.

Be honest. Be bold. Be aware.

Be moved by what you WANT to do and not by what you can do but don’t really want to do. Break the cycle and go after a job that you love going to everyday.

Barracuda Staffing’s ultimate goal is finding the perfect fit for our candidates and clients. We start by LISTENING. We will not shove a round peg into a square hole. We are here to help with a future that you want to get up for everyday.

To find your dream job, submit your resume to our skilled recruiters here!

Written by: Nicole Fergerson

Managing the details is something I am passionate about, the more attention we pay, the less room there is for error. It is important to me, as administrative assistant, because it can affect so many others in a variety of ways. If I lack the attention to the details of day to day processes, it can impact people’s pay, insurance, and ability to do their job.

Quite often, one will focus on the results rather than the details of the project they are working on. By paying closer attention to the small details we have better and more accurate long term results.

How can you get better at paying attention to detail? Here are my three best tips!

Check for Accuracy

Go back and double check your own work for any errors. If you’re working on a written piece of work, read it outloud. You catch more mistakes this way. Run spell check and triple check all your numbers for accuracy. Check through all of your work again and again until you make it all the way through without finding any errors, this will save you a lot of time by not having to redo the entire project at a later date.

Utilize a Checklist

Make a list before you start working on something. List out everything that needs to be done and included. When you’re checking for accuracy, go over the checklist and ensure that everything is there. This is a simple thing to do and could save you from feeling really foolish for dropping the ball one day.

Have a Proofreader

It is almost impossible to check your own work perfectly. Have a coworker you can send your work to for proofreading. Arrange a partnership with a regular person so you can proofread each others work on a normal basis. This will work wonders for both of your performances and accuracy. If you absolutely cannot have someone else check your work, walk away from it for a while, at least an hour but preferably more. Come back to it when you’ve been working on something else and then check it. The time away from it will give you the distance to see the errors in your previous work (Psst! This means you can’t put your work off till the last minute).

At Barracuda, the focus is on the details. We know how important the particulars are to our clients and candidates. I continually work to improve my processes so our results are faster and more accurate. To learn more about how Barracuda Staffing can work for your team, give us a call at (918) 488-0887!

Written by: Brandy Aab