Barracuda: Now Serving All Your HR Needs


Barracuda is now a one stop shop for your time-consuming human resources tasks! Barracuda Staffing can certainly still find quality people to fill open positions and hiring needs. We have built a reputation for quality and we are always striving to keep getting better. Taking recruiting off your plate will save time and money reducing turnover and leaving internal employees to stay focused on their important day-to-day tasks.

Why HR is Necessary

Now, HR doesn’t stop at recruiting. There are multiple other aspects including compliance, FMLA, Policy creation, procedure implementation and learning to utilize team talent most effectively, just to name a few.

This is why Barracuda Consulting was created! Human resources is something that won’t make you money, but when done wrong or when overlooked can cost you thousands. For a small to mid-sized company it often doesn’t make sense to pay a salary to an employee for an HR function that could be easily outsourced and taken care of.

Policies and Procedure

Barracuda Consulting can create policies and procedures for your specific needs, including Employee Handbooks and/or reporting documents. We can advise how to stay in compliance with state and federal employment laws by providing up to date information, advising on policies and providing necessary trainings.

Personality Assessments

Barracuda Consulting can provide personnel assessments in order to ensure your team is working in its most efficient and effective way! We use Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP) to help you understand your people better in order to better utilize their strengths, increase moral, improve productive cooperation and so much more! This is by far our most popular service we offer and it can give you a huge return on investment.    

Helping businesses grow and stay protected is what we love to do!

We always work in the best interest of our client to provide customized and strategic solutions. If you’re interested in ways we can specifically help your business please reach out to us! We will come out to you and do either an HR diagnostic for FREE OR provide 1 FREE PDP assessment so you can personally see how it can benefit you and your company!

Email me at or call us at 918-216-9214 to get started today!

Written by: Brittany Currier

Professionalism is extremely important in all areas of the workplace; however, it is especially important when applying for a job and moving through the process of getting hired. As a recruiter I have many examples of times that a candidate presented well and was highly professional in our interview, but once the follow up calls and interviews with our client started, their professionalism rapidly declined. You want to maintain professionalism in all areas of the workplace. However, after you receive the job and get to know your team you may start to build good rapport, have a friendly banter, and let your guard down just a bit. Letting your guard down and being yourself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just remember that employees who behave professionally are often perceived to be more competent and valuable to the company, which leads these workers to receive pay raises and promotions.

I wanted to focus on an individual’s professionalism while using an agency to obtain a job. First and foremost, your recruiter is here to help you! We understand searching for a job can be tiring and frustrating. It’s important to stay professional during the entire hiring process with a recruiter whether it be over the phone or in person. In addition, while in an interview with a potential company, you’re not only representing yourself but you’re also representing the agency that sent you there. Your behaviour, good or bad, always reflects on more than just yourself.

Professionalism on Social Media

These days social media can either make or break you. While you may be doing a good job representing yourself in person, companies DO look on your social media. Agencies post all over the job boards on Facebook and if you’re on there causing a scene or posting inappropriate things, this can be easily seen all over the community. Maintaining a certain level of professionalism on your personal Facebook page goes a long way. As a rule of thumb, it’s best not to post about controversial topics, using excessive foul language, or about any illegal activities.

I was recently helping a candidate find a position and ran across their Facebook page and found that that they were using their profile to sell illegal substances. At this point we are not able represent this candidate because we didn’t feel comfortable sending them out to our clients and allowing them to represent our image.

Professionalism in the Job Search

  • Dress to impress – while it is important to consider the environment of the position  you’re interviewing for, it’s still imperative that you are representing yourself in the right way. Clothing is often the first thing interviewers notice.
  • Write things down – be prepared to ask a few questions or have some key talking points relating to your experience
  • Watch what you say – it’s never a good idea to speak poorly of your previous job or to use obscene language during the interview or hiring process
  • Be punctual – timing is everything. If you’re constantly showing up late to interviews or rescheduling, this is generally a key indicator to employers of what’s to come if you were hired.
  • Be polite – By being polite, receptive and respectful, you can make a good impression that will last.  
  • Take initiative – if an agency, recruiter, or hiring manager ask you to update a resume or fill out some paperwork, it is best to do so in a timely manner to show respect and interest in the position.

Always remember, professionalism is noticed! Should you be seeking anymore advice regarding this topic, or if you’re currently seeking employment, apply today!

Written by: Ali Teague

I did it!! I got a job!! Five days a week, 40 hours, weekends off. My goal has been achieved! I not only found a steady paying job, but I also found my second home.

Life as a Recruiter

I have been working as a Recruiter for Barracuda Staffing for a month now, and it’s been quite the learning experience. Being a recruiter you basically sign up for being on the fastest, craziest, and most fun roller-coaster ride of your life. You never really know what turn or hill you’re going to come upon next, so the best advice I could give is to roll with the punches.

So many times I will put in a lot of work to get someone a job that they will love, and then out of nowhere, something changes and prevents this from happening. It’s heartbreaking having to call a candidate and let them know that a job they were hoping to get, doesn’t come through. Even more so when you have to tell them their assignment has ended. As a recruiter, you fight for your candidates, so when you lose the fight it’s a bitter pill to swallow. However, roller coasters can be pretty fun too. When I get to tell a candidate that they have been given an offer for their dream job, hearing their joy and excitement makes up for every low point of the ride.

Taking Chances

When I joined Barracuda Staffing, I had no idea what to expect, but I went head first and embraced my new home. I believe, because I went at this job with my all, that I have not only learned a lot, but I have grown as a person. It’s okay to get out of your comfort zone and try. I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with so many people who go head first at their challenges, and encourage me to do the same. 

Written by: Madison Wilson

In life, there are only a few things that can’t be taken from an individual which is one’s faith, work ethic, and happiness. Setting goals, being consistent, and working hard is what makes the difference. One can teach their employee many things, you cannot teach an employee personal integrity.

Personal Integrity

There are many attributes that make a great employee. Some of these have little to do with having a strong skill set, or talent. It has been said before, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

When candidates come through our doors, we strive to identify the passion of the individual and what drives them. That passion is what is going to make the difference while on the job. It is true, passion and consistency is what makes the greatest difference. These two factors are what separates good employees from great employees.

Making Changes

There are many things that requires zero talent, like being on time, putting forth effort, having the right body language, enthusiasm, strong energy, a positive attitude, passion, being coachable, doing extra even when there is no one is watching, and coming to work prepared. Although it may sound simple, these are the greatest attributes our clients are looking for outside of one’s skill set or experience.

If you are wondering how to improve your work ethic, the first step is to be be self reflective, ask your supervisor or mentor in your life regarding areas you can improve. Establish a course of action that will enable you to continue to strengthen your weaknesses, and be disciplined in your effort.

If you are looking to hire coachable employees with strong work ethics, give us a call today at 918-488-0887!

Written by: Josiah Freesemann

For a lot of people, going to a four-year college seems like an automatic choice when they graduate high school. As a recruiter, I am seeing opportunities for skilled trades and not enough people with the knowledge to fill them. Quite a bit of people complete four years of college only to find that there are little to no jobs in the field they have studied and are settling for anything just to pay off student debts.

Trade School as an Alternative

People approaching high school graduation should seriously consider trade school. A traditional four-year degree is not for everyone and trade schools offer a pretty compelling career path, especially when considering the factors associated with a college education. For example: 40% of attendees at a four-year college drop out before completing their degree. If you find yourself as a part of that 40%, not only have you incurred some of the expense of college, you left without receiving a degree. For the 60% that do complete their degree, a whopping 64% take longer than four years to graduate, costing themselves nearly $70,000 in lost wages and educational expenses per year, according to U.S. News.

What is a Trade School?

A trade school, also known as a technical or vocational school, is an educational institution that exists to teach skills related to a specific job. Trade schools are a more streamlined approach to education, with curriculum focusing on developing a particular skill-set and knowledge base for a career rather than receiving a general education. Trade schools typically take a time to complete, have smaller class sizes, and the majority of the training is hands-on, which is an ideal environment for many learners. Vocational degrees can lead to well-paying jobs like electrician, mechanic, machinist, welder, pharmacy technician, nuclear technician, and dental hygienist, with room for growth and managerial potential in each field. All of which are in high demand and paying competitive wages.

In my personal experience, my husband went into a trade school straight out of high school and has been in the local sheet metal union since finishing his trade degree. As an apprentice he was making more money than most with a four year degree start out with and now 15 years later he is in the same trade and there is no limit to what he can make.  If you are graduating from high school soon, or have a loved one who is approaching graduation, I recommend seriously considering trade school as an alternative option.

Written by: Nicole Fergerson