The Hiring Process is Too Long

As an agency who strives to understand all our clients’ needs, we know just how much organization goes into making a hire. From coordinating and receiving communication from the hiring managers on what they are looking for, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and extending offers; then you have on-boarding and pre-screening checks. For many of you,… Read More »

Appropriate Body Language in an Interview

I’m back with more tips on how to crush your interviews! Let’s talk about appropriate body language in an interview. I know that this may be a surprising topic because you wouldn’t normally think there is much to it, but it’s something everyone needs to be mindful of. Not thinking about your body language during… Read More »

How to Create the Best First Impression with Your Resume

When you submit a resume for a position, it is the first impression that the hiring manager will have of you. It’s imperative that you make sure that it reflects the best of what you’ve done, and is clear and easy to read. Start with Experience When creating your resume you should begin with all… Read More »

Personal and Professional Development

I stumbled upon this quote recently, “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy. What it Means for Me To become a true leader and overall better person, I have to start making changes for myself. It’s great that I want to do something to try to… Read More »

10 Things You Shouldn’t Wear to an Interview

It may seem self-explanatory that these things are not interview attire, but let’s go over them anyway. Excessive Perfume or Cologne Put the bottle down, or else you might suffocate your interviewer. While you don’t want to smell bad, a thorough shower should be enough. There’s no need for seventeen spritzes of your favorite perfume… Read More »

5 Tips to Make Your Next Interview Better

Interviews can be rough, draining, and stressful. Between you and me, here are 5 things that I made sure to do in each interview that made me more prepared. Be Early It’s very easy to get stressed out when you see minutes ticking away as you sit in your car stuck in traffic. If you… Read More »

Steps to Expect in the Barracuda Process

Contact Us There are many ways you can contact us. We can be reached by phone, on the web, and of course in person. Apply You can either come to our office to speak with a representative directly, or call our office to speak with a recruiter to receive the application via email. Come In… Read More »

Leadership vs. Management

Not all leaders make great managers and not all managers make great leaders. There are traits one needs to have to make a successful leader. Here are a few of those traits: Ability to handle stress A leader must be able to handle stress and frustration with maturity and professionalism. Enthusiasm As leaders if we… Read More »

Challenges in the Staffing Industry

Every industry faces challenges on a daily basis. Companies that cannot overcome those challenges often fail. Being in the staffing industry, there are many challenges we face daily.  Let’s explore some of those challenges and how present and future candidates can help us overcome some of the challenges we face when trying to place a… Read More »