Employee Resigned? Staffing Agencies Can Quickly Fill Jobs in Tulsa

What to do when an Employee Resigns

Employee Resigned? Staffing Agencies Can Quickly Fill Jobs in Tulsa

Employees are the most important asset that companies have, but some leave when they get a better offer somewhere else or if they feel the job just isn’t right for them. Whatever their reason for resigning, when personnel hand in their two weeks’ notice, managers now have to plan the last few days the employee has with the company. This article from Forbes.com offers a helpful tip when it comes to transition planning:
Employee Resign

Her idea of what needs to be finished up before she leaves the company may differ from yours, so it’s important to collaboratively make a list of all her regular weekly duties, the projects she’s currently working on, and clients she keeps in direct contact with. Spend ample time on this list, making it as comprehensive as possible, as you’ll soon need to decide who can take over those projects and responsibilities in the short-term. You should also decide together how to proactively contact the employee’s regular clients, vendors, and colleagues so that their emails and phone calls won’t suddenly go unanswered.

With transition planning in place though, the next phase is finding a suitable replacement. After all, every day that a post remains unfilled represents a loss in productivity for your department. What’s more, the workload of your remaining employees will be even more stacked until a new person is hired.

While available jobs in Tulsa, OK firm will draw many applicants, not everyone is fit for the role. Remember, hiring the wrong candidate is a grave mistake—an incompetent one will waste valuable training money, while one with attitude problems will cause friction with other staff members. Unfortunately, human resource departments usually have a hard time recommending qualified applicants since they also handle other tasks like employee benefits and payroll processing.

Thankfully, employment agencies like Barracuda Staffing can quickly fill open jobs in Tulsa businesses, thanks to their wide network of pre-screened applicants. This is especially true if the employees you’re replacing are critical to operations or if they left with little to no warning. Even better, you can observe first the candidate’s performance before deciding to make them a permanent part of your company.

(Article Information and Image from What to Do When an Employee Resigns, Forbes.com, February 20, 2013)

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