More Available Jobs in Tulsa, OK as Chamber’s Future Program Advances

More Available Jobs in Tulsa, OK

For Northeast Oklahomans who need a job and are looking for one, the Tulsa Regional Chamber has good news. When the chamber kicked off “Tulsa’s Future” program in 2011, the chances of individuals to find rewarding jobs in Tulsa, OK have significantly increased. The said program is only about to enter its third phase in 2016, but has already led to a lot of work opportunities in the area.

This boost in the local labor market is well-appreciated as the region strives to bolster its economy. In fact, Gov. Mary Fallin identifies the strong spirit of collaboration present in northeast Oklahoma as the major driving force behind the state’s flourishing economy. Going back to the Future plan for Tulsa, Laurie Winslow wrote about the program’s goals and achievements in a recent article for Tulsa World:

“Tulsa’s Future, which takes a unified approach to regional economic development, has brought together 135 public and private sector investors from throughout the Tulsa region with a goal to create 15,000 high-paying jobs between 2011 and 2015.

Since 2011, nearly 18,000 jobs have been announced in connection with the Tulsa’s Future plan, with more than 9,000 of those jobs meeting or exceeding the program’s target salary of $50,000 annually or greater.”

Even better, the program has greatly succeeded in attracting investors to the area. Some big-name examples that have been hooked are Verizon, which decided to place its financial services hub in Tulsa, and Macy’s, which is expected to bring in 1,500 full-time and part-time jobs by establishing a fulfillment center in the region by the end of the year. These are just the benefits of the new investors, as the plan also helps already settled businesses to grow, an effort that has borne fruit in the recent assistance of 77 local business expansions.

Needless to say, the additional jobs created by the chamber’s Future program are having an impressive effect on the local economy. Unemployment is down by 5.3% in the Tulsa area and the city is adding an average of 5,000 jobs a month. Much of this can be seen in the growth of infrastructure jobs in the area, but other fields like IT work and office staffing are seeing their own boom. People looking for available jobs in Tulsa need not go through hoops to find one, as established employment agencies like Barracuda Staffing Inc. would be able to point them in the right direction.

(Source: Chamber’s ‘Tulsa’s Future’ program touted for new area jobs, Tulsa World, April 23, 2014)

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