Tulsa Jobs Market Booming with Openings in the Infrastructure Field

Tulsa Jobs Market Booming

Discover the booming Tulsa jobs market in the infrastructure field. Explore opportunities and growth prospects in our blog.

  The importance of a job goes beyond the popular reason that it “puts food on the table”. Having a job or career can make a person feel good and enable him to learn as well as develop new skills. Thankfully, for those looking for well-paying Tulsa jobs, the local infrastructure boom has led to many job openings for prospective workers, creating a field day for employment agencies like Barracuda Staffing Inc.

Tulsa is the second-biggest city in Oklahoma and boasts several infrastructure projects that resulted in the rising number of employment opportunities. In fact, the widening of I-44 and improvements on the Tulsa Port of Catoosa are two of the main contributors to this positive trend in the job market. A recent report in Tulsa World by John Stancavage discusses a Brookings Institution report that mentions Tulsa’s infrastructure job market:

“The city ranks 31st nationally in the percentage of employment tied to infrastructure jobs, according to a new study.

The Brookings Institution report found that 11.5 percent of Tulsa’s 396,650 jobs were in infrastructure categories. The city’s high ranking was particularly remarkable as it placed only 55th in total employment among the top 100 metros.”

Careers in infrastructure can range from truck drivers to civil engineers. These jobs help maintain the backbone of the country as they ensure that the nation’s roads, railways, and waterways are functioning and expanding properly.

Infrastructure jobs also happen to pay good wages while quite a few of them have a low barrier for entry in terms of educational requirements; a striking example of this is that 59 out of 95 infrastructure occupations are considered to pay above-average salaries, while those on the lower end still get paid better than other entry-level positions in other fields.

The presence of a healthy labor market only bodes well for the city. Combined with the Tulsa Regional Chamber Future plan, which aims to bring in 15,000 high-value jobs into the area between 2011-2015, people with the right knowledge and skills can be assured of being hired for jobs in Tulsa, OK.

At present, the top five infrastructure professions most needed in the area are materials movers, heavy truck/tractor drivers, aircraft mechanics, light truck drivers, and electricians. The demand for these job roles and many others will most likely increase as the city’s Future plan enters its third phase in 2016.

(Source: Brookings study: Tulsa ranks high in infrastructure jobs, Tulsa World, May 8, 2014)

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