A Common Misconception: Staffing Agencies Don’t Understand Us

One of the reasons that most people are afraid of hiring a staffing agency is because they believe that we don’t understand your business. In a nutshell, it’s just a misconception. If we work with you, it’s a partnership and we work to understand your company, the culture, and what you’re really looking for outside of the job description.

We Understand Your Company

While we may not be in your business each and every day, we get to know it. We’ll do research on the equipment that you have, the typical work that you do, etc. We’ll also try to get all of our recruiters to your facility so that they can see the work environment, processes, and get an idea of what someone would be doing at your company. We make it our business to understand so that we don’t completely miss the mark when we send you someone. Will we get it right each and every time? No, but we won’t send someone who wouldn’t have potential.

We Understand Your Culture

Another thing that we’ll work to understand is your company’s culture. If you let us know if you’re a very tight knit group or prefer your space, that helps us find the perfect fit. Culture is increasingly important in today’s job market. It’s an employee’s market, and they can pick and choose based on culture alone. We’ll also get an opportunity to glimpse at your work culture during the site visit as well. We understand how important culture is, and we’re willing to protect it.

We Understand What’s Between the Lines

We know that every detail won’t lie in the job description or the company culture. It covers a majority of it, but sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you’ve met with what you thought would work and weren’t impressed. When you give us details in your feedback after you meet with candidates we send you, it helps us immensely. We get to know even more about what you’re looking for based on what you didn’t like or thought was missing from someone else. The opposite is true as well. If we send you the perfect person and you need multiple after that, we know exactly what to look for.

We may not be a part of your company directly, but we’ll be your partner. Through getting to know what you do at your company, job descriptions, and feedback after you meet with our candidates, we begin to understand more and more about you and your company. We pay attention, and we’ll work to find you exactly what you’re looking for through our Four Dimensional Matching process.

Written By: Sarah Poore